10 May 2005


what happened to you?

Indeed when one is not happy in his intimate relationships, be it with his husband, fiance, boyfriend, it does reflect on how one sees the world.

I understand your suffering, dilemma and heavy load. However, I don't understand why you keep insisting on standing where you are; comparing yourself with others; putting extra load on H.; refusing to help yourself and your whole small family; listening to our advice; enjoying being a perfect victim.

S. It does reflect on how you act when you are around us. Last night, all your statments were nouvel to me. You want to deliver us a message that you are still S., we know that my dear. Just relax. Appreciate who you are, and you would never care if you wear from zara or valentino, CD, or whatever.

We love you. Don't like to see the perplexing look on A.'s face after every statment you make. Don't like to have to defend your reactions infront of her in private. Just want the light hearted, airheaded friend once again.

Be practical. Stop sweating on the small stuff. Stop this self pity attitude. H. is really great. Just give him a boost and don't hold him down.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very sweet feeling.

A good friend is rare to find these days.

5/11/2005 11:12:00 am  

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