5 May 2005


So, the all girls day happened today. It was cool.

Initially I didn't want to go out. I wanted to spend some time with ma, watch T.V., eat, sleep on the coach, chit-chat. A. kept calling. On my cell, on my home phone. Crazy this girl when it comes to going out. Very swaying. Well, she is my fun partner for more than a decade now. So I couldn't say No. I was all dressed up in a blink and waited for her to pass by. I was so hungry and thus wanted to go eat in a decent place.

Sequonte, or whatever the name is, was the place. Well, I initially hated going there. Last time I went with A. and S. I didn't enjoy it a bit. The ambiance was strange, mood was screwed, and the company sucked that I couldn't sit still and kept zooming in and out. Anyways, A. convinced me in another blink. So we went. We looked kinda funny with both of us, by mere chance, dressed the same. White shirt on beige linen pants. Even our outfit matched the decor.

I ordered couple of plates. I was so hungry. A. claimed she was not hungry, and thus ordered her damn shisha and a drink. Well, she ended up eating most of my food. In fact, we ordered an extra empty plate for her to divide the food, instead of her constant picking from my plate. Was hilarious. All that and she wasn't hungry. But the food was good, and chit-chating was cool.

S. called and she was in a nasty mood. Upset. Well her usual lately. I intentionally didn't ask her about how she was feeling. It was obvious, but she still managed to just slip into endless complains and stories. I don't really concentrate anymore. I couldn't take it so I gave the phone to A. She is good with this stuff and managed to end the conversation in 1minutes, however with a disaster. 'We will pass by S. after we are done here.' Shoot. Why? Well, this was the only way out. But..... Oh well. We both cracked. We actually like S. a lot but weren't in the mood for her. A little hyper.

Anyways, we passed by S. She opened the door. She looked miserable in her pj or whatever she was wearing. We looked at her and the three of us just cracked.

We, actually A. and S., had the weirdest conversation ever. Tittle-tattled about some relative of S. and her weird actions and visions. Something wacko that I didn't bother to follow. Then S. rabbit-on her miserable vacation with H. and his family. She had the weirdest expressions and blaspheme when she is really angry. Makes her conversation funny at times, not always though. I couldn't help but laugh at the words she used. I only concentrated with these new expressions and words. I was half asleep on the coach, eating peaches and masticate on this mini choclate she had.

Nice feeling actually: 2 friends talking in a funny way. Silly hearsay. Luscious swiss choclate. Nice perfume A. was wearing. Lethargic me.


Anonymous Mae said...

Did you notice that Sequonta or whatever the name is, is done on a sufi style, sort of. The white linen fabric and the tent like. I was reading something about it in a magazine, and the architecture was talking about one of the sections called Bistimale (sp), a sufi saint.


5/05/2005 11:28:00 am  
Blogger haal said...

Could be. But the people inside are no sufis. They are drunk for sure, but not aware. Uh, amazing!

5/05/2005 12:50:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nothing is better than having friends with whom one can be himself. sounds like u had fun.

i like the vocab. u chose. very original. a little surprised at ur mentioning of ur friend's perfume.

5/05/2005 05:43:00 pm  
Blogger haal said...

Why surprised with this perfume thing? It was completing the paradise picture for me at that moment.

5/05/2005 11:16:00 pm  

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