6 Sep 2008


I have not had a haircut since a long time. Not sure why. Maybe because I was already losing a lot since 2 months. Tons of it. Just a hope that I will not look bald. This is the worst wave of hair loss since a long while. Everytime I go to Paul, I look at the basin or the floor and I see my hair covering the floor. The car seat, all covered with hair. I actually got a bit sad. The hair is falling from the roots.

Are you tired? Depressed? Not eating well? They would ask. And I say no. All is good. I guess!!! Externally at the least.

A. got me this nice hair cooler from Rene furtere. Amazing. I ran it on the skulp and it refreshed it. However, the hair continue. Maybe it is just the change of weather here. Starting to be cool.

At any rates, I decided to go have a hair cut. I did. Chez Paul. The french quebicoise! Really sweet guy. Gay? I dont know. But his hands smelled so manish with cigarette. Oh well, the french and the smoking. Dressed up so neat and simple. Hair very short. Wide lovely smile. Decent compliments. I like the place. For some reason he is using the arabic theme or maybe parisian theme.

Black wooden floor. Big wooden tiles covering the arches. Wooden tables and mirrors. Wooden chairs. Light wine red curtains. Arabic chandlier. His staff are all wearing white. Nice.

The villa he is in is very european old style. Have its own Haram. Entrance with garden in the side. Door is at the side not at the heart of the main street. I love it. Old stairs. Oh well well well....very nostalgic to Zamalek and garden city like buildings!

So, my appointment was at 5PM. I took a shower. Did not wash my hair instead, twisted it and inserted a black pencil. Wore me haircut white plain t-shirt. Wore no perfume, just my lotion. My theory is I should wear something very neutral with no collar. No jewelery or accessory. Just a plain simple look. Just me. This way I get a cut that suites me. Not a mood or a style. I let him see me the way he wanted to. Not forcing any egyptian, morocan, gypsy, stylish, plain, academic, professional, agressive...... whatever he sees me.....i want the cut to be so. So, white t-shirt and jeans will just do it.

I passed by starbucks. Got a coffee and walked there in the nice weather. I was there before my appointment. He came to greet me and ordered a drink for me. When my turn came, I let him cut it the way he wanted with 2 requests: Simple cut please. Not short from the front. I always ask for that. Anywhere. My issue is I dont want short hair that I can not manage. I dont want a complicated cut that needs a master to brush. I need something that I can just hold with a pencil and it looks fine. And he did.

He cut off all the damaged hair. Made it couple of lenghts. Simple simple simple cut. long enough. And i like it. Hoping the losing will stop. I am insisting it will stop. The rene furtere produits. Vitamins. Spirit. I will do that. I know I can do that too. I like to treat myself actually. Proven success so far in other things. Something I brag about with myself because it means something to me.... I know what is wrong with MYSELF and I know how to trace it. Not lazy. Not stupid. Not dull. Not victim who just waits for someone to rescue me.

The good thing is, my hair looks nice. And I look better with slightly short hair. After I am done, I went downtown to pick the book I wanted 'Lateral thinking', and got our clothes from the dry-clean and dropped a couple of more pants.

There is something..... but I do not know what!


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I love this post. very personal.

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