25 Sep 2008


The night seems so long. Sleepless.

I pulled the mattress to the floor. Placed it in the balcony. Sleeping on my back while watching the dark sky. Full of stars. All so vivid and shiny. Glittering and sending me signals. I stare while lying there. Wrapped up in the fluffy blanket. Hugging the pillow. Feeling the warmth of the company coming in. I look and see the moon. A full cresent. Rising up by the minute. Peeking at me and reminding me of nights I stayed out talking and sharing. Witnessing good and sad time. Happy and agnoized heart.

I feel the warmth in the cool breezed night. Between the mountains. Full sky. Stars and planets. Understanding moon. Encouraging and supporting. Triggering and asking me to let it all out. I did.

Been so long. Since I witnessed all that and let myself connect. Been so long. Have not wished to connect. The dryness and sadness dried my heart and squeezed it to the last drop. Swept away all the security and hope. Far and away. I wished to be seen. Empathized. Helped. SUpported.

To be protected from the wildness of the road. To be accompanied in the journey. To be embraced from the pain of separation. To be rewarded for the patience of the heart.

The destiny is folded. The will is within. The message is delivered. And the life is over.

And what is left? The following of the shepard.

The heart is aching and cracking from all the disappointments. A small voice is whispered in the ears of the heart.

I realized.... there is nothing wrong in letting the cave be used by those who need it.

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Blogger Cave said...

... it will be heard

9/25/2008 03:16:00 pm  
Blogger A & S said...

its my first visit to this blog but i really like ur feeling and emotions with its sadness tendency
but i couldnot get the reason for all that disappointment and lonly
with the moon and stars ??

any way great writing and description for the situation
and i hope u share us with ur ideas and comments in our new blog
we devoted it for english language only

if u r interesting it will be great honor

9/26/2008 02:42:00 am  

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