11 Sep 2008


I am sure that the egyptian government did not think about the possibilities they might have from the Letter/Number combination. But honestly they dont need to. It is already done in other arab countries and for sure all over the US and Canada.

My concern or sarcasm or maybe curiosity started with the translation of the letters. It did trigger me. Why the translation? Apart from the insignificance of this translation, also comes with it the limitation in mapping of the letter to numbers. NOt sure what is the benefit. First it does not show and second it wont be written in the license, even if it will be, it wont be recorded in the ticket.

On the practical level, apart from the big picture thinkers guys I am surrounded with, the possibilites are not huge. There are a max of 17M combination that might not be enough in 10 years. So illiminating couple of letters (6 at least) will affect. Also the letters that will be illiminated are nice ones. I personally love the ز and the ظ and wished i had one of these. And for a person like me, who loves number and its significance, and adore letters and its energy.... when both combines together I am super thrilled. Instead of driving calculating the numbers on the car plates all around me, and finding quicker way of adding, discovering relations between numbers, hate-love-weak-strong-arrogant-timid-neutral...., now I watch the combination and will find new rule that combines numbers with letters.

And apart from all, it was fun exercise.

The news is.... till this very moment, we did not have the most accurate final final final, TRIO solution. 1) because we are assuming 26 letters when we have to exclude the non included letters, 2) we didnot decide whether there can be a plate that have xxx and 001. Will they start with Zeros in the numbers or have to be filled.

A la Uno, A la Deuooo , A la............

And apart from all, the connexion with you helped.......

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