14 Sep 2008


Over dinner and a cup of Choclate Mint and apple crumble I had an interesting conversation a while back. I did not participate much other than in asking questions to clarify and understand more of the theories. I am not so much interested in economics as theories, but more and more interested in investments and linking everyhing together. This is what intrigues me. The exact theory of economics I dont grasp and usually escape from. However, its history and the 'watching' of it, interest me. I am still naiive in that, but I am getting to understand. More and more dig into it whenever I find some person who's able to trigger me into thinking 'economics'. I wonder why not since I am a big fan of numbers and curves; relations; and relations.

THroughout my life, 2 persons only were able to catch my attention in that direction. Both think alike to some degree, but I have to admit, one is more longer planner than the other. I suppose because of the nature of the job. Both are 'Earth' signs.... and I assumed always that they enjoyed my detailed, 'but(s)' questions that I ask out of curiosity. Both showed me something new; each allowing me to see ad differnt side of investment and money....and economy. Very intriguing. The reason I went on and allowed this was Trust. The trust that they both say the same theory, same analysis, different twist... I at times would test both theories against one another to see how the other will respond. I think again that I am interested in the thinking and the analysis of reaching whatever they say.

And it helped tremendously.

Back to the cup of choclate mint. He introduced me to 'Alan Greenspan'. I got hocked-up and got his book. In arabic, called after him 'Alan Greenspan'. Pick it up. It is like Poor dad, rich dad...but for grownups! I like it and it helped me understand, even on my amateur level, the various relations between 'Housing bubble', 'investment', 'stock market', 'global economy', 'globalization', 'world's economy'.

I am half through.....I got it from 'al-shrouq'... but i am looking for the english version.

Whoever interested in finance, monetry policy, economics... might find this interesting

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Age of Turbulence?" Looks great. Diwan for the English version, any chance?

9/14/2008 04:26:00 pm  
Blogger haal said...

all the chances, ya 2alby!!!!!!

Who are you? :)

9/14/2008 05:06:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

:) why?

9/14/2008 09:56:00 pm  
Blogger haal said...

You just remind me of someone I know to a great extend.

9/14/2008 10:35:00 pm  
Blogger haal said...

btw, just got the book from Diwan Heliop if you go there. Surprisingly they have tons of it.

I find it funny that when you think of things, it happen.

9/14/2008 10:41:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you. I'll got get it :)

9/15/2008 12:10:00 am  

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