15 Sep 2005


Place: 40th floor lounge. Grand Hyatt. One of those comfortable coaches.

Time: 10:30 till 12:30 am, Wednesday.

State: Full after dinner upstairs.

Ambiance: Relaxing except of some loud voice and not a so professional piano player. Smell of cuban cigar, intentionally blown in my face. I love the smell but can't smoke them.

Event: Dinner & Cigar night out.


Blogger Al Sharief said...

sounds so lavish..hoooh
me too need to spare myself some..

9/15/2005 01:29:00 pm  
Blogger haal said...

It is too lavish actually. I made sure to wear my Rolex. ;p.

Well, it is interesting. Not my type of place but it is always good to enjoy the good scenery. Egypt is absolutely beautiful from up top, as Mo. says!

9/15/2005 01:40:00 pm  
Blogger Mohamed said...

Yeah, it sure is beautiful from up there, but wouldn't wanna stay there forever. Lucky you. Hope you didn't get to pay.

Love your blog index imitation btw, hope your rolex isn't an imitation too ;)

9/15/2005 04:44:00 pm  
Blogger haal said...

Thanks. Just in case you are hinting, yes I took the idea from you. It is nicer this way. I am following suit your blog.

Yes, my rolex is an imitation for sure.

Well, I paid the tips! :) But yes, I wont like to stay there for too long. All you see is colours, still water, everything so neat but dry. It was worth sitting there for a while.

9/15/2005 04:48:00 pm  
Blogger Mohamed said...

I'm just teasing. I'm sure its not an imitation. Original like everything else! 7elw kiddah? :)

9/15/2005 06:41:00 pm  
Blogger Wonderer said...

Sounds fantastic, the only problem is that one can't wear comfortable sneakers on such occasions.

9/15/2005 08:01:00 pm  
Blogger haal said...

Well, not of concern, wonderer. I was in my jeans and slippers. No fancy dress required, the scenery is enough.

9/17/2005 09:58:00 am  
Blogger Charismatic Soul said...

oh haal, i love that place, went there when i was in egypt a couple of weeks ago, the view is worth more than a million bucks, i love cairo from above in the day and at night.....what the hell, i love cairo, period.

hope you had a great time :)

9/17/2005 10:43:00 am  
Blogger Zettes said...

Haal, Did you ever visit a place called Talulah Darling in Montreal? That is what your description reminds me of.

9/19/2005 05:25:00 pm  
Blogger Alina said...

All I can think about while reading this is how great a comfotable couch and some ambiance music would be right now, 20 minutes before finishing my shift...Just hanging, wasting some tine...Fruit and drinks brought to me! Nice!

9/19/2005 05:48:00 pm  
Blogger haal said...

No. Never been to that place, Z. If it is like that I would love to go. Dinner there? Your treat, right?

Kayla, nothing beats a relaxed chillout after a hectic shift. Fruits sounds cool too. What kind? Kiwi and strawberries? Mango? What! Give us a hint.

9/21/2005 12:33:00 pm  
Blogger Alina said...

Let me think...A fruit salad with as many as possible and some cream on it would be perfect!!!:)

Guys, what's with the word verification trend???It drives me crazy as I always forget to fill it in..:(

9/21/2005 05:11:00 pm  

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