5 Jan 2008


Yesterday was an interesting. Started out slow. Sitting in the sun with a 1.5 litre of water-- that i make a conscious decision to drink every morning-- and a book about islamic historiography. Yes, I am back to my old field of research. I am coupling it with my wonderful friend focault's theory about deconstruction of knowledge. They are so related. I actually owe a lot to focualt's theories that I applied in life and in my studying of history. It makes my life so complicated yet close to real. Well, history is the field that suits me. Who knows it will be my profession one day. It is the hobby and state of mind that best suits me. I enjoy it and feel relaxed while doing it. This effortless connection that I establish. ANd it is not history, as we are taught in school, the dates and incidents, it is the deconstruction and analysis of history that I am talking about.

I got my new laptop, and real work already started. Very stimulating and challenging but it is fun. Travelled last week to europe and had my first meeting. Different world and different era. I so love the energy. So I sat working and writing and planning my thoughts. THe best thing I can do and enjoy. Forget to say, I am in the process of updating my little apartment--so it is also fun. Organizing and planning work in the quiet and almost empty space. I love the scene. Music. Plants. Leather sofa. New Wooden floor. Lovely.

Life is good.

Around 2 I walked over to my friend. Played tennis on Wii and actually my arms and legs hurt. Was amazing. Then we walked to Diwan. There was a book signing by Hanan mufid fawzy. The place was packed. I recognized a lot of faces, actors, writers...etc. Her new book did not impress me cause I am not into poetry, but she seems like a decent lady. Very decent actually.

To the best part. Walked to our favourite italian restaurant. For the first time was packed and all tables reserved. Old customer's sake opened for us a new little table around the corner. Nice. The french waiter was a little grumppy this evening. Me and my friend dont really get 2 plates. We get one and share. I dont know how to eat otherwise. I dont like the idea of everyone ordering and sucking the dish alone. Every order, the guy would assure us: one plate for the 2 of you. Yes. One coke. Yes. One inslata selizone. Yes. One tiramisu. Yes and 2 spoons. Was funny.

My cousin entered. He was actually looking so good, dressed elegant, smiling and walking very fast while greeting a family dining in. He is almost my height so he is considered short. He didnot see my and went to sit with his friends. I walked over to where my cousin sat with a huge smile on my face that caught his friends attention. They must be thinking i am a suicide bomber in a mission. I reached my cousin who was giving me his back and kissed him. He was so sweet. Always is. Full of energy and very intellectual yet amazingly modest. Seeing him and realizing the elegance of everything he does and how and where; his way of speaking, eating, dressing, friends... Really opening the appetite.

The best thing about food is sharing it and then eating it. I enjoy food. Enjoy little samples. Enjoy small quanities. I hardly would eat the dish alone if I am with a close friend. I actually do not go to nice restaurants unless I like the company. It has become a sacred enjoyment that I dont like to waste with people who annoy me or with whom I dont feel comfortable. And for sure, I dont like too crowded places, sitting near the kitchen, stupid waiters, big dishes, and too many dishes.

Ah... and then walked back alone around 11 home. Weather was cool and nice, and I was just wearing a white long sleeves shirt and a scarf. Amazing feeling!!!

I guess my trip to europe adjusted my mood. To paris in 10 days! I am excited about that too.

It is nice to 'write home' after sometime away.


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