10 Jan 2008

Just as I am about to sign-in to my MSN which was closed for months, this girl sent me a message. She was with me at AUC, 1 year elder and she is not even at all my style. For some reason, she would call me, connect, and endlessly talk with me when I used to go to the library. I would always have a hesterical smile on my face and my eyes bukkling out insearch for anyone to rescue me. I will end up telling her that I have to leave, and she would walk me out. WOuld take a taxi infront of her, and let him drop me at the end of the street.

What annoys me? Pessimistic. Too sarcastic to my taste. Very conservative. Very very. Scared. Captured in some ideas that I dont have to buy. Judgemental. I think she only talks to me to see how I am thinking and what I am doing and how lost I am compared to the true path she is leading. Well, I dont care. She once debated endlessly about how sinful I am to try to study Islam and be critical. I was annoyed.

So the vimto second i signed in she sent me a message. As ususal the pessimistic tone.

I: 'where are you?
Me: meaning?
I: I am in germany
Me: great
I: Not great. OK
Me: Ok is great i guess
I: Better than before
I: SO where are u?
I: What's with you? Anything new with you

Well, I blocked her after this question and signed off from the chat. I hate to be investigated. It is so personal and such a private questions. I dont see you, we hardly talked for 4 years, and now you are depressed or whatever, and just want someone to entertain you with some news that I consider so personal.

She might be nice. It is me that gets really irritated at this type of questions that does not mean anything. Well again, my news are not for entertaining you and your ego.

And what's with, 'anything new?' I hate this question.


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