28 Jan 2008


I called. She was so damn aggressive. I understand that I have been bugging her when calling and asking for 'A'. I know the extension is wrong but as if I enjoy hearing her dull voice. It does turn me on. I imagine her stupidity and smile.

So today I called again. Yes again. Very evil. I asked for my friend. She finally noticed that I am the same person and had all her aggression geared up to answer me. Her tone got really aggressive and confronted me if I was directed at her office, or I put in the extension. I said, 'no dear, I put your extension.' So she gave me my friend's extension and slammed the phone in my face without giving me a chance to ask her to direct me there. I was annoyed.

I sat down on my new leather sofa. Sipping my tea and then decided to call again and tell her to not be aggressive especially that last time she was. I decided to do something I never done before and see.

I called her. I introduced myself. I apologized that I have been calling the wrong extension and bugging her. I did apologize and then said,
'I am X. I called you a while back and asked for A. I understand that it might be bugging you, but it is no excuse to hangup in myface and speak to me in ...'

I did not continue my sentence when she was so aggressive and said,
'I DIDNOT hangup and i didnt talk in a 'baykha' way'
'I did not say that you talked in 'baykha' way, I was about to say 'aggressive'. And you did hangup in my face.....'
Again, she cut me through and said 'No I did not hangup and I said 'thank you. Bye' and if I didnot want to answer I wont'.
'Would you let me continue my sentence please? No ma'am. You did not say bye and you hangup. Anyways, I understand again how busy you might be, but please dont you ever hangup in my face. And it is your duty to answer in a nice way because you work there.'
'I am sorry if I was rude. I apologize.'
'No problem dear. Have a good day'.

I smiled.

I never do that. I do confront that's for sure. In usual times I would just call and give her a lesson and hangup in her face. Was my chance to revenge. But I did not. It was fun. I wanted to know who this person is when caught off guard and when she stops pretending for a while. (I do know her very well from my friend A who talked about her before to me.'

My observation:
1. She is aggressive. The way she slams the phone even when I call to ask for her help with something.
2. She is not cheerful.
3. She always complains and I heard her more than once saying 'Ana zehe't. Ouff. Ouff.'
4. She is this kind of people who has to defend herself all the time. Gives no chance for others to complete a sentence. She is never wrong. She is Mrs. Right and now I can imagine a conversation with A will take them. No wonder they never reached a good discussion. She never admits her mistakes.

She will never let go. So indulged in selfishness and aggression.


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