10 Jan 2008


Sitting at starbucks that day, I saw this sweet man, probably in his early sixities. A very kind and quiet man. He is accompanied with his daughter and his grandson. He had this sweet, loving and sad face. Playing lovingly, with deep passion and reservantion with his grandson. Looking to him fondly. Almost a little tear in his eyes. Cuddling gently. Tabbing his shoulder. Rubbing his back. All so gently. With this amazing sadness and kindness.

I could hear little piece of information here and there. His daughter is travelling to her husband somewhere. I guess she is meeting with her father to say goodbye, or just have a little noon outing with him before she and her son leave for some country. The father just silently and politely asked for little details. The girl, who is amazingly sweet and nice one, would tell him. Talking and sharing with him. He would just nod. Smile. Touch her hand. Kiss the kid. Hide his deep sadness and maybe hide his tears with his coffee sipping. I wonder!

When she left to get something for herself. He followed her with his eyes. Wondering whether he will see her again. Will he still be here when she comes. How long will he wait till he meet up with her again. He starred for a while, before kissing the little boy.

I watched. Just amazing father i feel. Looking at him I wonder where is teh mother. My story is that his wife probably died. He was so in love with her. He misses her.Wished for her to be with them and support him in his lonely time and more lonely when his daughter leaves. He kisses the little boy and embrace him while remembering her and her soft touch, her comforting voice. In his daughter and grandson he sees his deceased wife, his loving wife. This is teh only connection she had left him. Now this will be gone too.

I wonder!

This life is strange. Without connection, Real ones, everything is meaningless. Connection does transform life. Makes it more vibrant and more alive. Makes life bearable. Makes hopes more attainable. Makes dreams more fun to pursue. Else, purpose is missed.


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