13 Nov 2005


Does living in a hypocrite society give you the right to be hypocrite?

Does marrying more than one wife permissible in this Egyptian society's norm, especially that it claims its abidance with the Coran and Shari'a that permit man to take up to 4 wives? What does it follow at the end of the day, Coran or personal and social norms? Why isn't it ok to take a second wife if Allah permits it? If almost all the companions of the prophet had more than 1 wife, or this will be 'society' and 'culture norms' of the arabs at that time not applicable in our modern possessive society?

Does 'Islam is a solution' is another hypocrite slogan or a sincere one? Do these people raising this slogan really know what they are advocating? Did they really investigate our society's problem and searche in Islam and found the 'Solution'? From whose perspective this solution will be? Will they allow man to marry more than one wife or won't? If yes or no, on what would they base their judgement? Is it a selective opinion for the general Maslaha?

Are we an islamic society? Are Christians really Egyptians, or is it the other way around: are Muslims really Egyptians? Who is an Egyptian? Any definition? Why can't Christians have their own political candidates raise slogans like, 'Jesus is the solution. Follow him.', 'Love is the solution.' Whatever. Why can't they have the Christian brotherhood as well?

Does wearing black to funeral an Islamic practice or Egyptian practice and norms? Can a woman go to a funeral wearing white? Can they do that or just be ashamed lest she will be deviating from the society norms? But she knows wearing black is not the islamic way of doing things. Or suddenly this will be a 'chosen sunnah', and start to draw wide lines between it and leaving ones beard and how different this issue is from that?

What is marriage in Islam? Did we manage to transfer it to a hypocrite theartical well directed play? Is it now another 'institution' where wives and husbands, not all of them of course, take it to vent their artistic talents?

What about Love? Is it also an umberalla for hypocricy and a doorway to not being oneself, and doing things aganist our nature excusing ourselves that we do whatever we are doing out of Love? Where is the thin line? Value system, any?

En bref, is Man a hypocrite being? Leaves his trace everywhere? Managed to corrupt? Managed to decorate everything with false ornaments, give things different names and different identities? Like insisting on treating your sheep as a dog? Ever saw your bawab kids doing that... placing a leash on the goat and dragging it? I personally treated my German Shepard dog as a donkey. Insisted on riding it. Wondered later what the dog thought of me. A donkey?! Maybe. On the donkey's note, did we actually misjudge the donkey?!

I am just simply not in the mood.

Allahouma arenee al-ashiya'a 3allah haqiqateha.

Oups, al-Sharief, is this part of what al-Haqq means?


Blogger Alina said...

If you think of the fact that we all promote an image of ourselves (not completely false yet not completely true), you can say here is where hipocricy begins. We have learned to fake ourselves and our world throughout the centuries, to promote what needs to be promoted and hide everything that needs to be hidden

The same phenomena happens to politics, religion, business and every other aspect of our lives. We are beings of choise, we chose who to be, what to say, what to bring the spotlights on. We do not lie, we just chose parts of the truth.

About a man having more than one wife, it also depends on the side of the story you have been given. I would dare say that is not true love, the only true love can happen between two beings at one time. You cannot share love and passion in the exact same amounts with several persons. Loving them in the same way, that is bull, as far as I am concerned, simply because you cannot have the same feelings for different people.

But I have been given the "one love" theory all my life, starting with childhood stories, who knows what would have happen if my dad had more wives (actually he had two, but not at the same time).

I can stand by what I believe for ever, but I know it's just my truth, not everybody's truth, again a theory of choice.

The Christian brotherhood? Which one? Orthodox, Catholic...two many as well. We hang in small packs, depending on our type of faith. Not strength, just type. Churgh goers, those who read the Bible every night, those who state there is no God really, small packs of approaching faith. In the end we all believe in something, but we chose it to be different, so that we can continue to support individualism.

What is a real Egyptian? Same goes for what is a real Romanian? We had so many influences that we can hardly tell. Maybe Egyptians and Romanians are a bit alike, a perfect mix of extremely different cultures.

Way too long comment! :)

11/13/2005 11:18:00 am  
Blogger haal said...

'...learned to fake ourselves and our world, ...to promote what needs to be promoted and hide everything that needs to be hidden'

Very well put.

'We do not lie, we just chose parts of the truth.'
Wow, you are right on. I like how you link it with 'being beings of choice'. Good point. Yes.

'Church goers'. Love this expression. Yes.

'In the end we all believe in something, but we chose it to be different, so that we can continue to support individualism.'
Unbelievable Kayla. I am really impressed with your input. Wow. You are expressing my thoughts and wonderings more clear than myself. You just are hitting what I wanted to say in a so much straight forward manner. Thank you.

What a great reflection. Gave me many things to ponder upon. Awesome. Cant answer now. Need to think. Thanks again.

11/13/2005 11:47:00 am  
Blogger Alina said...

Actually, I should thank you for your challenging post! This is the first in-depth thinking performed by yours truly in weeks!

11/13/2005 05:35:00 pm  
Blogger Al Sharief said...

Yes haal, Kayla did a very good job in rounding up quite a bit of your wonderings but only to stirr some more.

"In the end we all believe in something, but we chose it to be different, so that we can continue to support individualism."

This is an important reflection, Nodoubt. And what a cooncidence, since I've published a post inspired by Self Realization Temple and how organized religions symbols acted as anchors for "Indviduals" spirtual Self Realization.

And Yes haal...
"Allahouma arenee al-ashiya'a 3allah haqiqateha"
This coduld be part of what Al Haqq means, when you "REALIZE" or
(ta~taa haqa~qaq/ey)by yourself for yourself by the aid & the blessings of Al Haqq, then you see

11/14/2005 07:04:00 pm  
Blogger Nightlegend said...

-In my opinion I think that marrying more than one woman at the same time is simply an Humanless behaviour ,I know that Islam permits it and I am muslim 2al7amdolelah but I can't start thinking of multiple marriages at the same time more than pure act of ignorance driven by lust.

(Does 'Islam is a solution' is another hypocrite slogan or a sincere one?)
-with all my respect to the muslim brotherhood gruop and to the group's ability in facing our stupid dectatorship governemnt I think it's just a slogan ,and unacceptable slogan to me ,I always thought about reliogion as a relationship between the creator and his created creatures ,it shouldn't be used to rule or govern countries ,and worse than that the group's clear intention of hiding their planned scenarios in the case of their reaching of egypt's leadership ,how they will rule us? ,will they treat us as humans in a civilized countries? ,will they close cinemas ,museums ,bars...etc? ,will they ban the mixiture between males & females in public places? ,will they even rule with democracy? ,all of these questions and dozens more the muslim brotherhood group is simply refusing to answer and that are raising more fears than hopes ,and for the multiple mariage issue I think there will be no problem at all during their ruling for egypt.

(Are we an islamic society? Are Christians really Egyptians, or is it the other way around: are Muslims really Egyptians? Who is an Egyptian? Any definition? Why can't Christians have their own political candidates raise slogans)
-I don't like this idea of naming societies with the majority religion name ,have you ever heared the term (america is a christian society)? ,why don't we have a free society where every one can choose their own religion and not treated as minority? ,and to be honest the christians inmany places are treated like minority ,just look at the parliment ,ministery bureau and many other exaples ,there's no balance at all ,all of we can do is talking endlessly about the natinonal unity and other blah blah subjects that doesn't exist in the real picture ,there's still many muslim egyptians who is still talking about(christian's bad smell) and other nasty beliefs.

-wearing black in funeals is pretty normal ,why should it be conflicted with islamic traditions? ,I can't see any problems here of muslims either men or women wearing black in funerals.

(What about Love? Is it also an umberalla for hypocricy and a doorway to not being oneself,)

-Love should always be a very natural thing getting out from humans hearts ,here I am talking about true love in it's pure form ,and to be frank ,true love shouldn't has any borders but in the real life this simply is not applicable and I think the thin line is determined by the person's own beliefs and values ,he/she is the only one who can determine the start of this line and how it affects the person's execution of love process.

(is Man a hypocrite being?)
-any right's knowing human will not accept to pretend of having certain beliefs that he/she doesn't posses ,that's in normal life but in the politics field alot of people can by hypocrite beings as a part of their plan to achieve their misleading goals.

11/15/2005 05:21:00 am  
Blogger haal said...

Why marrying than one wife is Humanless, desire, lust? Dont get it! Can you explain why?

I personally see it as fine only if the 2 women knew and accept. Well, eventually he will divorce one but let us be nice on him during this grace period. Plus, most companions, if not all, had more than one wife. So there must be something about that. Right?

Well, I did hear america is a christian society, yes! Among themselves some people think so. Others see america is NewAge society. It is not about Religion naming, it is about finding an identity within a name. Even if you say, Egyptian, then I think you will grab the whole package of the Egyptians....including pharos, Ikhnatoun, ramses, Pyramids, Mubarak, Suzan Mubarak, Haj metwalee, ...etc.

Wearing black in funeral is not Islamic it is pheronic.

'Love should always be...'
when speaking about love, no 'Shoulds' should be said. :)

Hypocracy is so common. But when a society as a foundation is a hypocritical one, what do you expect of its people. WHoever is not hypocrite, is indeed seen as one.

11/17/2005 03:06:00 pm  
Blogger Nightlegend said...

Marrying more than woman at the same time is indeed humanless and based on lust needs no more ,marriage should be based on both parties loving each other ,can you love two men at the same time?

no sane woman will accept sharing her husband with another woman unless there's something behind that ,and you say that most of the companions had more than one wife. fine but I don't have to do as they did if it was wrong and indeed it's wrong ,not every thing that were done 1400 years ago would be working today.

America is not a chiristian society ,this image of america only resides in the arabs minds!

11/18/2005 10:28:00 am  
Blogger haal said...

Just let me say that I am not advocating marrying more than one wife, and at the same time not judging it still. Good or bad in an absolute sense, doesnt really matter me. Both are cool and everyone has his/her own conviction around it.

So, u are right, somethig happening even 1 year ago doesnt have to be applied to us today. I support that fullheartly. However, I just happen to see that describing the man who marries more than 1 is 'Humanless', is interesting. Exactly, it is humanless, but we are Human and thus makes sense that a man can marry more than one and is capable of doing so. Yes. A man can love more than 1, each for the different reasons, and all valid ones. Away from lust issue. It is human that we can and have the license to marry and love more than one. But, to me, it boils down to 'why do u need 2?', why do u need 1 in the first place. If we know how human we are, how good or bad we are, why we marry this or that, we will need only one. One that completes us and we complete her/him. But because we are lost trying to figure ourselves out, we just marry the wrong ones, stuck with the wrong one, marry the second one for the wrong reasons, and on and on we go. Unless we really know what we are looking for, not out of Greed, but out of 'insearch for completion and unity', that we will forever need a whole army of partners.

Now, woman are not allowed to marry more than 1 at a time, I think it is a drawback for the whole gender... :) but i understand why on the social level. On the spiritual level, I have this image that Woman is the fixed part, the fixed mould, and on them the man can match their mould on...not the other way around. But this is just my baby fantasy around that whole thing.

I might be answering wrong things u asked. I read ur comment in the morning, very briefly, went for a walk with a friend, came back decided to answer what I rememebered from ur comment. I will read it again and comment again if I was off topic or just used ur comment to say what i want :)

cheers fellow scorpio. Actually initially i thought we were a female from the way u answered. Interesting that u are not. I know it doesnt really matter, but i still find it interesting.

11/18/2005 12:33:00 pm  
Blogger Al Sharief said...

"...On the spiritual level, I have this image that Woman is the fixed part, the fixed mould,..."

How So??? on the spirtual level I mean??. intresting thougt, but how so??

So is it more human to have only 1 wife and have other sexsual enccounters and relationships with other women?!? Some may consider this more human and even civilized.

11/18/2005 09:00:00 pm  

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