1 Sep 2009


He is from singapore. A 51 years old person. I am stuck with him for almost 10 days. Initially, he is this cute person who talks his life out. And I used to listen while working on my computer when he goes in circle asking everyone what are their plans, what are they cooking, ...etc. I would just mumble couple of words with this smile and back to my laptop. But he does talk a lot. Not only that but he has this 'gayish' attitude. Not particularly 'gayish', but maybe i am harsh. Just woman attitude.

here is some of his statements, (along with some facial and body language....)

' I have to wash my teeth. I am used to that. i can sleep without washing my teeth. oh oh, the bathroom is not empty.' What the hell.... why do you have to tell me!!

' I will cook beef. Beef is so cheap. It is 2$. I will go get beef. the brocoli is 99c. i got brocoli.'

'I dont want to change my room. I like it here. I cant sleep in the other bed. They can move. It is darker here.'

Then he had to change rooms because the french girls were reserving a private room.
'why do they move me. i will go back to my room after they leave. it is my problem, right? i wont be able to sleep.'

for 3 days he would screw my head with his stupid coins. he had 1c coins that adds up to 2 dollars! so every morning, he would come to my table open his purse while looking to me, 'i put it in a small purse to keep it.....', ok ok. no problem buddy. and then bombard me with stories how the lady didnt take the damn coins because they are not wrapped. and everyday he would come from shoopping and count his cents. Now they are down to 60c. good lord!

He is simple. Yes. Sweet. Maybe. But he annoys me. In my head I called him a 'mara habla'.

Ah, he burbs all the time. All the time. Very disgusting.

And he every morning would look in the mirror to see his body. I am like, 'typical mara habla still'.

Now he said, 'Today I will sleep well because I am sleeping alone. Yesterday I didnot sleep at all' I said, 'Oh yea. But you snored very loud all night that we could not sleep.' And I smiled. 'ME! Really! IIIIIIII snooore.', 'Oh yes. Big time. SO loud. And so much...... but anyways, you can snore as loud as you can.'

And smile!

Mara habla indeed.


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