1 Sep 2009


Same group. My brother's friend, A. I played social and connected with him. It was first time to see him and his wife since he got married. He used to come to our house a lot, and we were friends because of my teasing to him. It is this connection that allows us to be super simple with each other, yet know almost nill about one another. But we liked each other.

His wife, N. Never saw her except in the wedding. I had one impression, 'Sloppy'. When I first came to see her was at their house. Chateau. 816. She was inviting me to ftar. I did not particularly like the attitude. She is simple and all, but not this elegant, understanding simplicity. More of this shallow simplicity. The thing I noticed is her sloppy way of eating. Twisting her mouth to catch a bite. Her way of dressing up or down, i hardly understand. Her hair too unmanaged. Maybe her face, a but undefined. En bref, this elegance aura is all missing. Coupled with her attitude, I got the point. So we ended up talking me and A, with some sharing from her side while she sitting on the sofa, her legs up and manicuring her toes! Disgusting actually.

An incident that I learnt to shut-up regarding is 'who the girl looked like.' I said, 'Oh she looked like A.' I was stupid. Should not have uttered that. It was a negative point aganist me. I knew that later...

Divino I went. 2 more friends. A and N. and their friends (K and M). I expected something. I took the bus and metro. A 45 min transportation to meet them. I was dressed as my usual. Jeans. Shirt. Jacket. Just myself. I looked to see the 2 women coming. The one thing I recognized was that the women (N and M) are having this huge BOOOZ. Not a smile. Hi-Hi. and we sat.

M. is a german school. Very sharp face. No smiles. Nothing. A solider. She checked me out. No word to me. Looked at the other woman, N while she swallowing the pasta and making a mess. Gave her this judgemental look. Very annoying. Again, I ended up silent and the whole outing was slient. We just ate and left. So damn boring.

I got a message on my cell. K. is inviting me to ftar at his house. I had already sworn I would never go out with them again. ENough socializing. When I socialize, I pick the wrong company!!! What's with me? ANyways, I agreed. Why? Not sure. I went to pastry shop, picked gateaux and tarte. took buses and metro (1 hour) and reached their house. For sure they did not expect me to bring anything, but it is just a statement I am making. I didnot even bring a tarte, pecan or strawberry as everyone, but a pastry..... Again, a statement. If you are playing snob, I am too.

Again, not a word. The women dont speak to me. They just have this booz and talk some words to one another about kids, family, food.... but not to me. And for that, me no word to them. I just eat and have this smile.

Dinner done. I go sit watch Tv. The women gathered on teh table to gossip. I overhear N narrating the incident that I said that the girl looked like A? And How stupid that was. She looked over to me to see what I am doing, and she saw me looking. I did not turn my eyes. Smiled at her and winked!

Later, we hear a noise of something falling. Girl started to scream. N rushed to see what happened. N screaming. All rush to see what happened. I did not move a toes. THe girl obviously fall on the stairs. No harm or anyhting, but it obviously was just a moment of panic. I found myself saying, 'Ahsan! Testahel.' and smile a wicked one to myself.

'weleya habla wee baladi...'


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right you are ,i know what u'r talking about ....too many of them around ... wallahi

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