12 Sep 2009


We are forever haunted by this idea that jews are the enemy who is trying to destroy egypt, islam, arabs; lived and breeded on the conspiracy theory from this enemy who is monitoring us so close. Almost all flaws we have and any critical situation we attribute it to the 'Enemy' and the 'conspiracy theory.

Well, this is the Egyptian vs. Jews.

Now we are in a different conspiracy inside Egypt. Muslims vs. Copts... Copts vs. Muslims lest they pick on why I put Muslim first!!

So the Copts are really under the impression that there is a conspiracy against them from the Muslims. Ridiculous as it is, but it is really alerting. Not only so, but the people who are really believing that are a well educated people who are suppositely enlightened.

- Muslim Brotherhood are the ones who burnt cairo during the king's time! (Never heard of that...)
- The Pigs were all slaughtered to destroy the christians financial situation and to annoy them and was called for by the Muslims at the parliment because Muslims hate Pigs
- All the license plates for the people living in Shoubra is ق ب ط followed by the numbers. It is a way to distinguish them so that.... (not sure easily kill them?) Dont understand. Very annoying actually

And now it is my turn to believe in conspiracy theory....

here is my share:
the christians are currently distinguishing themselves from the muslims. They fight and reject so hard if anyone refered to them as arab. They would say, 'I am not those ignorant arabs. we are copts. original egyptian.'

On a different side, I joke and feel that more and more christians are immigrating from egypt to north america and australia. as if it is a conspiracy theory to leave egypt to those ignorant barbaric muslim arabs who will destroy egypt and bring it down to the flush.. Later on, the christians, after building their strength and power, will come back to egypt to revive it and take their land back from the barbaric people!!!!

They laugh at my theory. But I am sure it is true!

10 Sep 2009


So if Islam was not the religion, and Prophet muhammad invented everything and the koran was stolen from poetry, hinduism...etc as the christians now are trying to claim and exerting all efforts to dig this out, still what will make me take christianity? What is so certain about Christianity that is beyond debate that will make me choose it without any doubt. Nothing

They still eat biscuits and drink wine as a symbol of blood and body. They fast after this event for hours after they eat and are not allowed to get anything out of their mouth lest 'part of the body' gets out! PHEW!!!! Sounds like pagan times to me! I understand it is a symbol, but still, what is that!

If u are smiling and nodding...yes, we talk a little about islam and christianity.. I maintain a cool face and dont debate almost at all. Consciously diffuse talks away from islam..As much as i can I let him talk about his christianity and ask clarifying questions. Opinionless attitude (who does that better than me) and everynow and then pick on something he said and play. I cornered him actually when I wanted couple of times but I let him out of the hook quickly. I am for sure not interested in a debate. There is something that makes me empathatic that is so not my nature.

En bref, I am happy I get to know more about christianity because it makes me sure that if i'd pick, i wont pick it. It is so not me--too much miracles and myths for my taste. They claim it is about logic, and it is all greek logic and myths... full of miracles that is by mere definition, defies logic.

Thank God I am muslim. I feel good about my religion because it taught me to do accomodate those whose heart are still yet to open up to this complete religion that is beyond all man-made ideas and logic.

To the beauty of the heart.

1 Sep 2009


Same group. My brother's friend, A. I played social and connected with him. It was first time to see him and his wife since he got married. He used to come to our house a lot, and we were friends because of my teasing to him. It is this connection that allows us to be super simple with each other, yet know almost nill about one another. But we liked each other.

His wife, N. Never saw her except in the wedding. I had one impression, 'Sloppy'. When I first came to see her was at their house. Chateau. 816. She was inviting me to ftar. I did not particularly like the attitude. She is simple and all, but not this elegant, understanding simplicity. More of this shallow simplicity. The thing I noticed is her sloppy way of eating. Twisting her mouth to catch a bite. Her way of dressing up or down, i hardly understand. Her hair too unmanaged. Maybe her face, a but undefined. En bref, this elegance aura is all missing. Coupled with her attitude, I got the point. So we ended up talking me and A, with some sharing from her side while she sitting on the sofa, her legs up and manicuring her toes! Disgusting actually.

An incident that I learnt to shut-up regarding is 'who the girl looked like.' I said, 'Oh she looked like A.' I was stupid. Should not have uttered that. It was a negative point aganist me. I knew that later...

Divino I went. 2 more friends. A and N. and their friends (K and M). I expected something. I took the bus and metro. A 45 min transportation to meet them. I was dressed as my usual. Jeans. Shirt. Jacket. Just myself. I looked to see the 2 women coming. The one thing I recognized was that the women (N and M) are having this huge BOOOZ. Not a smile. Hi-Hi. and we sat.

M. is a german school. Very sharp face. No smiles. Nothing. A solider. She checked me out. No word to me. Looked at the other woman, N while she swallowing the pasta and making a mess. Gave her this judgemental look. Very annoying. Again, I ended up silent and the whole outing was slient. We just ate and left. So damn boring.

I got a message on my cell. K. is inviting me to ftar at his house. I had already sworn I would never go out with them again. ENough socializing. When I socialize, I pick the wrong company!!! What's with me? ANyways, I agreed. Why? Not sure. I went to pastry shop, picked gateaux and tarte. took buses and metro (1 hour) and reached their house. For sure they did not expect me to bring anything, but it is just a statement I am making. I didnot even bring a tarte, pecan or strawberry as everyone, but a pastry..... Again, a statement. If you are playing snob, I am too.

Again, not a word. The women dont speak to me. They just have this booz and talk some words to one another about kids, family, food.... but not to me. And for that, me no word to them. I just eat and have this smile.

Dinner done. I go sit watch Tv. The women gathered on teh table to gossip. I overhear N narrating the incident that I said that the girl looked like A? And How stupid that was. She looked over to me to see what I am doing, and she saw me looking. I did not turn my eyes. Smiled at her and winked!

Later, we hear a noise of something falling. Girl started to scream. N rushed to see what happened. N screaming. All rush to see what happened. I did not move a toes. THe girl obviously fall on the stairs. No harm or anyhting, but it obviously was just a moment of panic. I found myself saying, 'Ahsan! Testahel.' and smile a wicked one to myself.

'weleya habla wee baladi...'


He is from singapore. A 51 years old person. I am stuck with him for almost 10 days. Initially, he is this cute person who talks his life out. And I used to listen while working on my computer when he goes in circle asking everyone what are their plans, what are they cooking, ...etc. I would just mumble couple of words with this smile and back to my laptop. But he does talk a lot. Not only that but he has this 'gayish' attitude. Not particularly 'gayish', but maybe i am harsh. Just woman attitude.

here is some of his statements, (along with some facial and body language....)

' I have to wash my teeth. I am used to that. i can sleep without washing my teeth. oh oh, the bathroom is not empty.' What the hell.... why do you have to tell me!!

' I will cook beef. Beef is so cheap. It is 2$. I will go get beef. the brocoli is 99c. i got brocoli.'

'I dont want to change my room. I like it here. I cant sleep in the other bed. They can move. It is darker here.'

Then he had to change rooms because the french girls were reserving a private room.
'why do they move me. i will go back to my room after they leave. it is my problem, right? i wont be able to sleep.'

for 3 days he would screw my head with his stupid coins. he had 1c coins that adds up to 2 dollars! so every morning, he would come to my table open his purse while looking to me, 'i put it in a small purse to keep it.....', ok ok. no problem buddy. and then bombard me with stories how the lady didnt take the damn coins because they are not wrapped. and everyday he would come from shoopping and count his cents. Now they are down to 60c. good lord!

He is simple. Yes. Sweet. Maybe. But he annoys me. In my head I called him a 'mara habla'.

Ah, he burbs all the time. All the time. Very disgusting.

And he every morning would look in the mirror to see his body. I am like, 'typical mara habla still'.

Now he said, 'Today I will sleep well because I am sleeping alone. Yesterday I didnot sleep at all' I said, 'Oh yea. But you snored very loud all night that we could not sleep.' And I smiled. 'ME! Really! IIIIIIII snooore.', 'Oh yes. Big time. SO loud. And so much...... but anyways, you can snore as loud as you can.'

And smile!

Mara habla indeed.