12 Jun 2008


There is something about nature that intrigues. The peaceful surroundings and the spacious landscape. Does make me comfortable. Everything in order and working within a system. With exact timings and prediction. It does make me at ease. Just that I do not have to worry about anything but the things that are important to me. GOing from one place to the other, finding a parking spot, worrying someone will invade my privacy,..endless worrying in our belligerent cairo. It can be challenging and exciting, but after a while, it just eats you up with its intemperance appetitie.

Downtown. I am renting downtown starting next month. A little one bedroom. I like that one bedroom idea a lot. It reminds me of my little village back home. One is secluded but this one is right downtown. In a little corner. Old brick building. Spacious to my minute sense. Big windows and this was it for me. The window extends from almost the ceiling to just a little above my knees. How cool is that? Well..... I will put a little table there where I can work near the window overlooking the street below me.

So, I am searching for some change and it should better be from so close within. I have no plans for next steps nor do I need that. But I have some work to do and this is good to focus on.

Today I am looking forward to attending a play with an old friend. Dinner. Walk. Weather is great for a change. And there is something about watching plays that instigates me!

I think I was an actress in my previous life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


You sound happy and peacefull , hope it lingers within a little longer.

6/13/2008 06:56:00 am  
Blogger haal said...

no i dont think it will linger.

6/14/2008 01:27:00 am  

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