23 Feb 2008

GYM [H];

I have been going to the gym lately. It has been fun. I do not like the site of tons of machines standing like Romel's army but I get used to it. I block the scene and choose some place near the window to see the bedroom infront of me. Well, it might have not been the best choice gym to go to, but it was here in Zamalek and I thought why not. My problem with it, beside being a gym, is that there is no scenery that I could look at. I at times feel suffocated from the boarders all around me. Tons of walls. Small little windows. I just need to widen my sight. My membership will expire in 8 months! Almost there. Will switch to the other one suppositely.

I do not go bananas on the equipment. I just do the TM and EFX. DO some stretching and leave. At one point I would do the equipments for arms..etc, but now I just do that. Every single time I go, the trainer would come and ask me if I am in the 'program.' and i answer NO. 'Did dr. Hany see you?'. 'NO, and I dont want to.' I answered. I guess I am not clear enough because the guy or the girl trainer will keep standing looking to me. And I just do not really know what to do. Feel a bit conscious about what to do next. I do not really want to turn my face while they are looking at me, and more important, I do not want them to see what I am doing. I just mumble and look away. Now after many attempts, I just go there and do not make any eye contact at all. Just wish them to leave me alone and stop watching like gustapo. I always tell myself, 'you know guys, you can work out too instead of looking so bored and endlessly watching the multichannels hanging there.' I thank God I do not have one of these jobs where I just stand or sit doing nothing other than trying to serve others.

Last time I went I walked to the gym. I discovered a little gateaway, shortcut between the streets! I was so excited. An amazing little deserted side street, no cars pass through, but connects between Ahmed 3asem. It has a couple of old villas and an embassy. A beautiful villa where the lady was putting out her old old old carpet that looked beautiful to me. I thought, what if someone stole it. What if I stole it! I wont be able to run away actually. But it was a great place. A little alley I would call it. I was happy with the discovery actually.

I went to the gym, and took elevator up. In there stood a girl with her ipod listening to music while raising the volume of the earphones to the max. Some weird music. Her hair was half dyed in light yellow. Had this look on her face (dont know what look but a look while half opening her mouth). I looked couple of times to her for some reason (I am not sure why though), something intrigued me there. Maybe the way she was standing half straight, or maybe the look she had, or maybe the music was too loud for an elevator. Anyways, I left and went to the TM. I was working out when I saw her coming dressed in her workout outfit.

She wore a short trouser that was so tight that got me looking especially that she was not slim at the thighs and back area! A light grey very tight shirt with extremely short sleeves. A workout underwear that did not hold up to the sizes that much that she had to adjust every now and then. The ipod. A spadree with no socks. Blackish towel. She looked to me and came right to the machine next to me. I said, ' what the heck! Oh this is not my day.'

It is not that I keep watching people when in private space, no I swear I dont. In public space yes, maybe! But it is just that I do not like my entourage to be disturbed. She stood next to me and she started the TM. I thought, 'she would just walk for 5 min and then leave'. God I was wrong. She started and I could hear 'TAkh takh teekh Deb deb da douu' on the trade mill. The god bless her girl was running on speed 12 for 30 minutes while comfortably adjusting her thingys all the time, stretching her shirt while hitting the machine so much when her weight drops so hard. Her hands were raised up and doing this movement as if she was bionic woman. Sweat started to jump all around. Music very loud. I did not look directly to her, but I could see her with the corner of my eye and I sneak a peak every now and then. I thought to myself, 'What is that all about? Why all the noise that you created! Can not you just play in peace.'

Well, I finished my TM 5 minutes before her. To my surprised, and I am sure I was hypnosed, I did not go to the next machine instead confidently chose to do my stretching between my machine and hers. Perfectly located under her machine, with a priviliged front seat view. I really do not know why I did that. Was I curious? I do not know!

I stretched while looking and examining her. Wondering how can she do that running for so long. What is fitness really all about? How can she wear a shoes without a socks when she knows she will be running? What about the sweat! The smell! Who is she? What is with the black towel she was rotating around her neck? Does she leave her gym wear in the closet? Where does she live? Why is she here? Is she lonely? What's up with raising the music so loud? Why did not she make any eye-contact at all? She looks serious about what she is doing, what is her motivation? And more importantly, why am i here staring at her ass!!!

Very inappropriate. After all I was the one behaving weird. But one thing remains, why was I so intrigued like that?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe you were looking for something to entertain you!

2/23/2008 01:37:00 pm  
Anonymous Lisa Simpson said...

That was a very detailed analysis. Poor girl, may be she tried to "run away" from your glances.

I myself love to watch ppl in the club, while they are dancing, talking, laughing, in cafe but not in such areas like gym, especially by standing in front of the aim looool :))))))

2/23/2008 09:31:00 pm  

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