3 Feb 2008


I am back to my Cilantro. Surprisingly it is the only place I enjoy. I tried Starbucks but I never liked it. Always irritating me no matter how I try to enjoy it. Sunny day. Rainy day. It is always annoying. And I never liked its coffee, not even when I was in the states. Dunkin Donuts was my favourite. And the jelly donut was an old companion in the exam days especially the hard ones. The beautiful downtown dunken donuts.

Working from home (or from cilantro) is perfect. Today happened to have my spot taken so I sat elsewhere beside a group of youngester studying finance for their exam. They are a blast. I kept laughing, initially pretending that I am laughing because of something I am reading, then I had to laugh with a voice. The guy they are trying to explain to him ROI, stock dividend, EPS, ... is so funny. He is so lost yet funny. Well Madgy, good luck. You needed to have studied earlier my friend. But I have a feeling you will be fine. Really. Finance is hard and it does not need a cilantro crash course!

The other guy with long hair I use to see years ago is at my table too. He seems to be a finance guy himself. He tried to expalin couple of things for him then he gave up. Funny too. A strange girl came to him. Slacking around him and talking in a spolied way. I am not sure if she is hitting on him, i dont think so. The only thing that came to mind is that he is up high in the organization and she is kissing ass. He seems kind though. He looked to her and kept nodding with a smile. He drank french press with a huge bar of choclate. Depressed! I relate choclate to depression not sure why! She said, 'if you are bored. Stuck. Come sit with me I am sitting alone.' A line that I would think I will hear when you are picking someone from a decent strip club! But who knows, maybe she is lonely. Maybe he is lonely. Maybe everyone is!

One thing that I discovered a decade and half ago, you can never break your loneliness with a partner. Never. You learn to enjoy yourself. Really. No other option.

Ah, and the long hair guy is named Amr. The students are third year business major at GUC.

Sweet to talk to them actually.


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