7 Feb 2008


So Madgy did very well in the finance exam he had the other day. He came by and when he met me he gave me the good news. Bravo! I was really worried about you. Well, good luck today in the RM. What is that! It is research methdology exam. Oh well! It is fun to see young people and see their fears and worries and also sarcasm.

The girl who came to the long haired guy and asked him to join her, her name is F. She works in a plastic surgery, a marketing executive to a leading company. I have her number and email. 2 of her friends did plastic surgery ranging from buttocks to refilling to lips enlargement. Her mother passed away 4 months ago. She was around 55 years, and she looked younger. Had I continued to listen, I am sure I would have inspired her to tell me more of her life secrets and dramas. But I am not that interested at this time. I dont really want to listen to many things at this moment other than cheerful news, and real things. But she is really nice actually. Polite.

Surprisingly, she asked for my number and I gave it to her. My cell number! Very funny. Well, she said that she is so happy to have seen me again(?) and very very good talking to me!


More interesting, she called me by mistake when we were sitting across the table from one another! It was hilarious. I laughed. She said, 'see your impact on me!' Well, she was going to call her other friend whose name was close to mine!


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