6 Feb 2008


The great Brel's kept chanting with his painful, heart nerving voice in the midst of the scratching and squeaking of the old record, '...forces(z)le destin a chaque carrefour...'.

'PDAM PDAM PDAM..' announcing Piaf, trembling the walls of one's heart with awe and tardy courage.

And al-Mahdi's troops, all geared up, fully equipped with a piercing eyes focused on eternal destiny and daring hearts; battering their drums 'DADAM... DADAM... DAM DAM' Announcing their readiness, maturity and strength to face the coming destiny.

No matter what the road to destiny will take, we will penetrate there. Penetrate to the space where the good and evil disappear and meet; eternal destiny only revealed. Showing itself sharply and gently through the drapes of darkness and uncertainity. At this or that moment, closer or farther it will be, the carrefour will be elevated; the road will be one; the paths will be united; and the destination will unfold inside.


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