4 Feb 2008


I used to see him in the corridor. The dimmed ones. He was pretty old. Very very old yet his spirit. Distinct voice. Leaned back. Sharp eyes. You can not miss him. To me, when I got to know him, was my ideal. Taught me a lot. Not school stuff. World stuff.

He woke up early. Very very early. In summer or in winter. Snow blizzard or hot boiling day. Would answer my emails at 5 am. I admired that. Asked him, 'always like that'. Yes. Forever will. He taught me how to write emails. Starting it off nicely. Ending it with 'have a great day'. I would do that. The in-between? I did not abide by his advice. Not always. He would generously praise. Generously generously praise. Amazing. I admired him. For his strength. As old as Ghandi. As powerful as Mandella. As shrewd as Gates. As opportunist as Trump. Was the first one to teach me the stock market trading. I was so damn naiive.

Would never forget his conversation when I got my first 6 figure job annual offer. 'No. No. You wont be spending that my dear. Invest. Invest.' And I did. He did. He had a lovely house in a great area downtown. A small apartment overlooking the lake. He was lovely.

For some reason, I became his TA and RA. 'My best TA ever' he would say. Always. He left me his office, laptop, money, books and videos all summer. Took me with him to South America. I was still naiive back then but he was the first to verbally tell me that I am smart. I should invest in myself. What I lacked. What I should learn. And most important, what I am good at. What I am perfect at. What I excel at. Praised me generously. Cirticised me in a sugar coated words. Very sweet.

At the age of 75 he picked up spanish. Very fast. My friend M. would teach him for an hour everyday in his office. I was fascinated by this guy. His 80 year spirit is so young. Amazing. He would take student tours and go to Costa Rica, Ecaudor. Chili. Ughanda! Amazing. His second wife, 20 years younger, was his life partner.

His endless advice: 'I never regretted marrying my second wife.' I knew what he meant. He then wispered me. Well, I took your advice. Too seriously I guess.

Until this very day, I would call him with his nick first name and put 'professor' before that. Odd way. He urged me to call him by his first nick name. I always refused. He would laugh.

The only time he kissed and hugged me was when I was leaving. I was taken back, not because I am not used to it, but because I did not know how much he really liked me. His eyes actually was full of tears. Opened his arms very wide. Took me in. It only lasted for seconds. He then raised his voice and said, 'Good luck. You will be great.' He had tears that quickly disappeared as he turned back and said, 'Show me how you did that thing I asked you about.' I smiled! Very practical. Very extremely practical, yet so filled with emotions.

I guess he never forgot me. Neither did I. He helped me indirectly. He is not so happy about where I am now. He never said it. But I know I disappointed him.

I will see him again soon. We are meeting up. And I am happy.

BTW, he is german. And he refers to Palestine as Israel. Do I care? No.

Religion and Politics surprise me ONLY!


Blogger MoonLightShadow said...

You are so lucky to have such a person in ur life..

2/24/2008 03:31:00 pm  

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