18 Mar 2007


I never heard of this book until H. got it for me from Maadi. He just liked the cover and the title. From the first glimpse on the cover page he knew I would like it. I was thrilled with it in fact. It had this cover page of a woman who sorta looks like me. Not particularly features wise, but this look of old rustic authentic face of a young sophisticated woman. An elegant ear-ring connected to a sad and at the same time curious look. Sad indeed. Curious for sure. That is me. Or how I think of myself. Sad and curious. Curious and sad. Not sure which comes first. But both exists and both exchange places. Both co-exist. When they both decide to leave me, I become lost. Really lost. Clumsy. Not grounded. They are what attracted H. to me since our school days. What re-attracted him to me after 7 years of us each setting sails to opposite direction. More than a 15 month since we united again.

I read the book. It is a novel. I hardly read novels. Hardly did since college when we had to write an essay critiquing. It is so light and real. Bits of history. Pieces of Alexandria and Isma'ilia. Glimpses of a love story. So similar to us. All its componenets, the semaphora, are about us. We love history, Alex and Isma'ilia each in his own very unique yet united way.

It took me one week to finish it. Parts of it I finished while sitting at Costa of stanely. Looking for similarities with what I am reading. Others parts while visualizing Abu Talat. Some when thinking about us and wishing you were here with me. I marked couple of pages for you, that of Azbakeya, sent you messages with other parts of it, wished between me and myself that you would just be here next to me reading it with me. I checked the site for Isma'ilia-suez canal opening to share. I want to have a picture of that in our living room.

It took you less than me to finish it. I was happy you did. You read it in KSA. In starbucks. In your room. While sitting smoking your cigar. In lobby. You shared some. I loved it. Love it when you get excited about something. Rarely do you get that. Authentic and sweet when you are. Loving and adorable when I hear you sharing and talking. How I miss you ya Semaphora!!


Blogger Cave said...


too beautiful to comment on. Don't want to spoil it. Just want to leave it as is.

10/09/2008 10:11:00 pm  
Blogger haal said...

I see you. Really. I swear, I just felt you are here. I swear. And know exactly how you felt.


Water does meet water. We are very powerful. The connection that is.

Rabena yekkhalek. Please do take care of yourself.

10/09/2008 10:15:00 pm  

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