14 Mar 2007


Roaming yesterday since I am back to Egypt. Oh, have been away actually for sometime. I went to 'Metro' supermarket. A small one. So close to Cilantro. I had this awe look on my face when I for the first time mapped its proximity to Cilantro. For an unknown reason, i always thought Metro and Cilantro are so far away. When I realized that they are just around the corner from each other, i was like: 'oh stupid.' Only now I got it. Funny.

So I entered there. A really tiny squeezed metro. Everything is so packed and there is no place to browse and shop. I could not walk around between the shelves. I was not really looking for anything. In fact I was. I was looking for books and a magazine, but this Metro did not have any. But I still browsed. Round and round. More and more turns I took trying to really buy anything. I did. I bought sweet onions and sweet cucumber. Nostaligic. First time to buy it for myself. First time since a long time now to shop for myself. Been a while.

I am there alone. Deep in some kind of thinking and a feeling I am trying to escape, I smelled a bad sweat odour. Eiw. What the heck! It was this guy with his girl or wife or something. He smelled really bad. Actually, I am exaggerating. Not that bad, but smelly to say the least. To my surprise, I stood there smelling it. God No I didnot. Well, I did. I actually smelled it and it triggered nostalgic feelings. Nostalgic feeling of the past. Not that I smelled bad, but this smell reminded me of the time when I used to walk in the streets. In the busy streets of downtown, of azhar, of mosques, of underground, of airport lines. I do miss that. I have been isolated in the upscale places. Eating fancy expensive food. New smelling car. Smart ass business men. Strategic key decision makers know it all people. I am actually bored. Bored of for a while all my connection to myself was through a glass of highend people. Deprived of my real smelling odour to an Issey Meyake smell.

How much I love Issey Meyake, it is now becoming the death mask.


Blogger Alina said...

Nice to see you back, Haal. Books are the only thing I feel like shopping these days. But books from a certain book store, where i can have great tea afterwards.

3/14/2007 06:29:00 pm  

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