21 Mar 2007


So you ate grilled hamour yesterday night with H. and Q. Well, bon appetite. It sure shows on you. Well, the least I could say about you that night is that you were the cutest kid ever. Not only because of the Hamour but all through the day I felt like I am your mother. Very cute. Sweet kid. Obedient at times and naughty at others. In all cases adorable. I just loved you. As always.

For the sake of argument, will you really sleep if I asked you to spoil me? I hope not. In fact I am sure not. Neither will I do, nor will you. And I will never stop caring. Never. The only difference is that I wont have to check on you like I do now. I will be glued to you. Have my surveillance and security measures on RED that I wont need to check on you and give you the liberty to act as you like. Control freak as I am. Protective as I am always. You will never be saved from me. Be ready.

After all what I said, I am angry at you. A little. I intend to forget you today. Just sent you a message to remind you of mother's day. Of course, you remember and someone else already sent you. Sure Haroun! You did not connect either. Well, I am pissed but I dont care. Will hold my horses and demons until I see what are you up to. One thing I discovered, you do not like directness. Too confrontational for your taste. Will play with your rules and will beat you.

A war. Yes! It is. A love war my baby. I do miss you. Please do not forget me.


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