18 Aug 2005


This week I had a theatre itch. I wanted to go watch a play, not the commerical, summer ones, but what we call the serious type, that of Al-masra7 el Qawme style. I just felt like go sit in a nice, dark, cool place with some life show infront of me. Not any type of life show too, it had to be an agressive one. Agressive in terms of being full of emotions, struggle, with energetic, firey characters and drama. I couldnt think of anyone better than Raghda and her Shahrazad play showing at the Jumhuriya Theatre downtown.

So, Tuesday almost 9:10 pm, I hopped on get dressed and while applying some makeup I thought of calling the theatre to check the exact time and when the ticket counter closed. Unfortunately, he said the theatre was closed that night. Oups, it was tuesday! Vacation. Well, on the spur of my excitement I forgot. Patience is a virtue.

Wednesday came, still the dream vivid in my head. I was supposed to meet H. after work to talk some business before our important meeting this evening, but I didnt feel like talking work after working hours. Instead asked him to join me to the theatre. He gave me this look and said, 'Mubarak is giving his election speech.' Oh really! OK. 'Enjoy it.' I mumbled.

So, I get dressed. Thought for a moment that I might not get in because I was wearing Jeans and slippers with and a white linen shirt. But who cares. It is campaign day anyways. I called to make sure the play was still on. Maybe they just cancelled it because of this Mubarak shit. Luckily, all was on. Hurrah. I was excited.

On my way, M. called, 'what's up?', 'cool', 'cool'. 'Theatre.' 'oh, no theatre for me.' 'doing what instead.' 'don't know. The match.' 'oh well. See ya buddy.' 'See ya sweetie.' Funny M. He seriously makes me laugh. This week he has been waking up at 4 pm and going to bed at 8 am. He is on vacation until end of the month. We are very similar in many things. We both hate to organize trips, be in charge of anything during outings. Just like to relax and others take care of everything for us. It is a disaster if we decided to go out together alone. Neither of us decides what to do. We just end up missing whatever we had decided to do and usually end up hanging at the Matchpoint, me drinking coke and eating nuts. I think, we are just laid back when it comes to deciding unimporatant stuff. Whatever! Doesnt really matter. Any place will do, unless I have something aganist the place.

Anyways, I reached the place. Lovely theatre. I got the cheapest ticket. 10 pounds, and entered. There was a handfull of people only attending the play. 10-15 people maximum. So we all sat at main area, anywhere we wanted. I sat at the 3rd line, very close to the stage. Amazing. Only for 10 pounds. The spectators were couple of journalists who work on the art section, who came to hang around, bringing their wives and kids. They didnt look like interested in theatre. 3 couples from the cinema institute, one of the guys was this kid who starred with Yoursa at one of the series. These 3 couples were holding hands, kissing, leaning aganist one another. Disgusting. One of them just kept kissing his girlfriend, playing in her hair until the show started. The girl for some reason looked back to find me looking at her. I was giving her a half sarcastic, half disgusted sharp look with a little opening of my mouth. She couldnt compete with my starring looks, so she turned her face and moved 1 inch away from her boyfriend. Anyways, this girl when leaving at the end of the show, looked to me face to face, eye to eye. I looked back to her back from under my glasses. 'What do you want?' she almost said with her eyes. 'What the hell are you trying to do.' I answered back. It was kinda funny this body language, silent looks. I like that. I wasnt happy with this kissing stuff. She is hardly 19 so was the other kid.

The show was good actually. Not as energetic as I thought it would be. Raghda was cool. I was expecting more actually from her. I love her agressive way of speaking, fiery eyes and spirit, her blunt style and controversial character. She was half all that. Maybe the spectators were annoying. She had to stop the show twice because of the noise, people going and coming, late comers..etc. T.E. I said to myself. I was furious. The family infront of me had 2 kids making lots of noise. I hit the seat hard with my feet during the show to make them shut up. Everyone looked, but I just didnt care. What the hell, cant you shut up and respect the actors.

For some reason, I think that the play was cut short. It lasted for hardly 1.30 hours. I left. It was nice breeze. I drove downtown. Looking beside me I saw Ayman nour in the car next to me. Black Mercedes. He was sitting next to the driver. He actually looked nice, although I hate his mouth and how he speaks. I looked to him. Gave him a thumb down for the old mubarak and moved. He stopped by his office while I continued. I didnt feel like going home, so decided to go get a pancake from al-azhar place. I went there. Parked illegal and got a sugar one, sat down ate while enjoing the nice breeze and empty streets. Everything was so quiet. Mubarak was actually giving his shit at the Azhar park couple of hours ago, so I guess people just stayed home because they knew there would be a traffic jam everywhere. I was lucky.

On my way home, Z. called. He was still at work. He actually stayed till almost 2 in the morning. The network was horrible for some reason, so we didnt hear one another. He sent me a msg with some news we were waiting for. Oh well. At least he sounds cool with everything. I tried calling him later, but he didnt answer. He was cooling off at the ahwa with M. Funny these guys. Their lives are revolved around: the match, a dirty ahwa somewhere downtown, work and fishing. Well, 'and the alternative is....?' was M.'s answer when I mumbled about what type of life is this this evening when he called me.

Oh well. What is the alternative? I dont know.

Ah, the business meeting went awesome. They were just impressed in a way that scared me, and thus had to ask them to take their time to make sure they understood what I was talking about, and if it met their requirement. I knew I was good, confident and precise. I have been preparing myself unconsciously for this meeting with this alone time theatre night I had , and later this morning when I sat at my office reading in this awesome book: origin of Islamic history, an assortment of long essay, I checked from the library last week. Actually, these are my rituals when I want to concentrate. So I realized.

Anyways, I waited for H. outside until he finished his part I could have just left, but I wanted to wait for him to say goodbye. He is leaving for vacation for a good 2 weeks. I will miss my buddy! No philisophical business talks for 2 weeks.

I went to the car. Turned on Buddha-Bar, Cold A/C and drove away.


Blogger Mohamed said...

Lucky you with that theatre night. Sounds like fun. Better that you didn't look for a friend to join.

8/19/2005 12:35:00 am  
Blogger Sarah said...

Hey there Haal, I am new here but I definitely like the way you write you are so expressive. I know exactly what you mean with the body language you just described I do it all the time. Sometimes it even gets me into trouble.
Especially when sharp looks are sometimes shot to superiors or some "holier than thou" sort of characters.

I would like to arrange an outing for myself as well. Long time that I haven't done that.

See ya.

8/19/2005 08:51:00 am  
Blogger haal said...

Welcome, Jade... Yeah, body language is more expressive than any words you can say. It is a powerful combination of power, strength and precision all wrapped in silence. What can be more powerful than that.

Yeah, do an outing for urself. You have been pissed off for a while now, right :) Take it easy.

8/19/2005 10:16:00 am  
Blogger LouLou said...


"Thought for a moment that I might not get in because I was wearing Jeans and slippers with and a white linen shirt."

Jeans & a white top is my trademark outfit. Don't wear linen much though. Don't wear any material that crumples & needs ironing. Too lazy. Wash & wear stuff.

Am glad you had a nice outing but what really pleases me is that you finally solved your slipper problem:)

8/21/2005 12:24:00 am  

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