5 Jun 2005

I am so tired this morning. I can't even open my eyes. My nose hurts. Don't feel like doing anything. Want to go back to bed. Work is so slow today. SM is also down. So, everything is really sleepy.

Dying to go get Z. and go eat Pizza Thomas and thomas Salad after work but today is his last day at this candle workshop that he is attending. I can't believe he goes to that stuff. Also, my mom is cooking chicken with oranges today for lunch.

Night! Probably go see A. and go out to our favourite place. She is finally back from Canada.

Night came and I went with A. to Sequoia. Was super crowded but later by 11 pm it started to be empty. Strange. I am surprised people leave early now. To do what? maybe to join another place. Around 10:30 or so S. joined us. She was ok. Complained about H. forever. I then saw A., our finance(s) friend, and then we saw, H., A., and A. sitting on the other side. It was funny. They knew we were here but didnt tell us they were coming. We later joined for a while before I had to leave.

I missed A. so much. I don't go to sequoia except with her. She is my sequoia buddy. Initially I hated the place, then now it is my favourite spot. I love the food and so does she. Sounds like she loved canada so much. Aganist all odds, she was staying just behind where I stayed when I was in canada last year. Very funny.

S. was as usual hating H. for whatever reasons. All the time telling us how she is more 'classy' than him. How irresponsible, failure, loser,...bla bla. I dislike that really. I turned my face the other direction after I said that H. is really a fine, polite guy, and he is no loser. Well... She wanted to do a canadian immigration thing like A. and her husband A. I told her that H. will get her so quickly because his field is so wanted. She looked to me and said, 'really.. i don't think he can be accepted anywhere.' I was like, 'well, i think you will be a problem when applying. You never worked, and you don't know a second language and have zero experience.' I couldn't imagine I said that. A. was kicking me from under the table. Well, I wasn't really rude when I said that, but I meant it. I just am really bored from all this disrespect of partners. And moreover, I like H. so much. And yes, S. is my friend too but I just couldn't stand arrogance and superficial attitude.

Anyways, Z. didn't go with me to Thomas, neither did I go alone. He aske me to postpone 'pizza night' to someother time. He had this workshop and then he was going to work on editing his 'strategic' document for his work. He finally sounds excited regarding his new job. Thank God. I went to AUC got him some graphs and recent analysis for his illustration section, and dropped it by his office to work on it when he is back. Z. is really ambitious. Sometimes this scares me. He does want to have a unique mark on whatever he does. To be distinguished. To do a perfect job. I tell him that he is a perfectionist, but he always denies that. Well, he is, but for sure he is super smart actually--and this is a burden not a bonus to him. He had been stressed out now for more than a month since this new job. Anyways, I really hope this document he is working on will be awesome and leaves a sound positive effect.


Blogger Alina said...

I just love being ironic to arrogant people who think the rest of the world is no match to them! Especially when they have the same opinion on the people they say they love. I you really think your lover/bf-gf/significant other has a major flaw, you should really try to help him/her correct it instead of complaining about it. Then again, it's pretty hard to change yourself and even harder to change others...

6/06/2005 10:13:00 am  
Anonymous Haal said...

Yes, Kayla, very true. I was just actually thinking why won't you give a hand to your partner/bf/gf instead of all the time putting him down alone or infront of the people. Nothing beats supporting your loved ones. In fact, if you don't think he is a good match why did you choose him in the first place. Just leave him.

I also think going into a relation where you think you will change the other is old fashion, something that has proven its failure.

6/06/2005 10:26:00 am  
Blogger Alina said...

Oh, yeah, I should know a lot about that!:))
But there is no problem in adapting to the other one, not to alter your personality, just to give a little, take a little, enough to make it perfect!

6/06/2005 10:39:00 am  
Blogger jashanmal said...

Lack of sleep, enthusiasm, optimism and what have you, are symptoms to a syndrome which is deprsseion. I hate telling people what to do as much as I hate them telling me what to do, but the proper course of action in your case is to seek professional help before you reach the point of no return...oo ba3deen you put way too many details in your posts therefore confusing readers such as myself :P ooo try to pull yourself out of the wizard of Oz world and deal with reality, though its harsh sometimes.

ps rambling like always:)

6/07/2005 11:26:00 am  
Anonymous Haal said...

...yes, i agree.. I too hate to tell people to mind their own business, none of your business, keep your advice to yourself, ...this sort of things.


6/07/2005 11:30:00 am  
Blogger Alina said...

Wow, really? So then, when I wouldn't want to get out of bed, when I hate everything around me, myself included, when I'm extremely pessimistic and think I'm worthless, I should not worry, that's ok. But I should worry every other day when I'm enthusiastic, optimistic but can't really get some decent sleep? I really don't get this, Jashanmal, please explain!

6/07/2005 11:31:00 am  
Anonymous Haal said...

Kayla, you are 'wahmeya', an arabic word meaning, 'wonderful, funny, sweet, ....'

6/07/2005 11:37:00 am  
Blogger jashanmal said...

Tolerance please!

well, hal has expressed negative sentiments in every post on this blog. Second when you lay out your laundry on the WORLD WIDE WEB for the whole world to see then dont be bugged if you get feedbacks pertaining advices and things of that such......oo no need to tighten up fists and get on the ring for a twelve round of jaw breaking fight, ought to excercise some tolerance my dear.

again apologies if offense was taken!


6/07/2005 12:06:00 pm  
Anonymous Haal said...

No offense taken for sure. But for sure, I think I have the freedom to say what I want..and to respond in the way I like. I could have just deleted ur comment if I took it personal--which i didnt--because it is cool to say what you want, and I am cool to reply the way I wanted.

6/07/2005 12:26:00 pm  
Blogger jashanmal said...

Sincere welcomes to the sound of maturity and sincere apologies if I'd struck a cord here.

6/07/2005 12:41:00 pm  
Blogger Mohamed said...

Oh, give it up Ms wise jashanmal. Who are you to give advise to others and say who goes where. Its enough to deal with people who call others kuffar, and now you. What's with people who think they know it all!!

6/07/2005 12:47:00 pm  
Anonymous Mae said...

hehehheheheheh FUNNY! :)

What is happening here is super duper funny! Begad. Why everyone is attacking and giving advice.

Haal you indeed proved that you are so patient.

6/07/2005 12:55:00 pm  
Anonymous rahmanium said...

hi every one , just one quistion, why do you have to comment, then comment on the comments, ..and so on, some times you have to stop earlier than that.

6/07/2005 01:35:00 pm  
Blogger haal said...

heheheheheheheheheheheheheheehehehehehehehehehehe HILARIOUS hehehehhehee

6/07/2005 01:45:00 pm  
Blogger Alina said...

Yes, very funny indeed! But without always commenting, wouldn't all this fun part be lost? :))
Jashanmal, I just caught your psychiatric explanation a little off guard and replied so that you understand it was not depression...That's what I needed you to further explain...I promise I'll read your explanations with all the tolerance required! Scout's honor!!!:)

6/07/2005 02:02:00 pm  

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