29 Jun 2005


Z. had asked me to drop some stuff by his friend I. in garden city. What a nice place she has. One of the old buildings that still holds its beauty and not ruined by weird colours or rennovations. It kinda reminded me of the building Mohamed Fawzy was singing under its balcony to Laila Murad, Shahat el gharam. Not sure if it is the same one, but very similar.

We sat in the balcony and ordered food. Later, her husband A. joined us. A very sweet doctor, and a very good friend of Z., his camping, fishing, diving and IC buddy. He sat there and talked about community development and his never-ending efforts to provide support to rural areas through his work and community work. Very generous giving man, actually the whole family is, even the little T. who wants to be a vet. specializing in Turtles. Very cute. I like how they treat their 7 years old son.

We were talking when suddenly A. decided to show us a small trick. He brought 3 drinking bottles. He starting carving and cutting it, then painting parts of it, putting bits and pieces together leading at the end to making a 'fly trap'. Really. Unbelievably. He explained to us the mechanism of how this fly trap works, and how it fits the 'fly' way of thinking resulting in trapping and killing all the flies that come voluntairly to the trap. We tried it and it worked. Although we didnt capture many flies but there weren't any, more mosquitos. I wish he would have invented a mosquito catcher instead.

Z. finally got a signal today. Not strong enough to call but to msg. He sounded very happy and enjoying an 'incrediable' trip. A. was telling me that he heard it was very windy this weekend where they were diving, and probably have seen lots of sharks. Well, I didn't even try to ask Z. about that. I hope nothing will go wrong. But since he has signal this means that they are pretty close. I hope everyone is safe.

Going home I had to pass by Qasr el Aini street. There was a traffic jam. I opened the window and sat silently in my car waiting for the cars to move. While there I hear 'tick-tick- touf.. trak-trak-touf..bak bak bak.' I looked around and in the car next to me the driver and his whole family were eating lib, spitting the cover from the window, and then drinking water. Very funny yet disgusting. Everytime he spitted I had to look to him. He would look to me. And so on, until I decided to just close the window and turn on Umkalthoum 'Hazihi Laylati' song. What are they eating? Seeds!!! Why are they spitting it in the street. Can't they spit it in a plastic bag or is spitting the seed cover double the pleasure of eating this challenging habbit of azaza??? Don't really know.


Blogger Alina said...

Yeah, I really hate people eating seeds and then spitting on the street! And it's a broad habit in Romania...
About the mosquitoes, I once received this email containing silly questions (such as - if we use towels when we're supposed to be clean, why do the towels get dirty) and only one seemed good enough to deserve an answer: Why didn't Noah smash the two mosquitoes?

6/30/2005 11:22:00 am  
Blogger ألِف said...

Can you get us a picture of the fly trap?
That sounds very useful in trips and camping where we have lots of empty water bottles and lots of time :)

There was a saying once about going to the cinema to watch a movie, gerbiling seeds and spitting the shells on the guy in the seat in front of you. it's part of the fun.

Don't start me!

7/06/2005 09:23:00 pm  

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