2 Mar 2005


I saw Dogsville last night with O. Egyptian Sally was sitting just infront of me. She actually looks very friendly, smily face.

The movie was awesome. No music, no sound effects, no decor, nothing. It is filmed on a theatre stage in a movie like technique. I was going to leave after 5 minutes, but then I was glued to my seat for a good 3 hours. Nichole Kidman is really a great actress. '...an insight into a woman acting as a victim being treated as one.' Check this review. I am a little obsessed with the movie, and with inserting these links. :)

I want to also see Before sunrise, and Before sunset. I have heard bits and pieces of the dialogue on BBC and it sounds fantastic. I like light romance. Does it show anywhere in Cairo?

Everyone is talking about Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind. I saw it couple of months back. The idea is very new. Interesting. But I won't see it again. Maybe I expected a light romance, philisophical movie-- it was like that-- but not light. It is worth seeing though.


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