14 Mar 2005

Coping with Chaos

It is not easy. You have to be well grounded, in a good mood, easy going, blithe, and a persona that doesn't allow charged ambiance get in the way of enjoying its time. Don't want to sound toffee-nosed, but what you have just read is a humble description of myself during these past 3 days albeit being surrounded with fun-spoilers, and uncalled for bickering of my cohort.

We were a group of 8. On a cool winter night, we decided to go to Alex. for a long weekend. We all needed it, so let it be. I was excited. Alex is paradise in winter. I was looking forward to have fun, eat fish, have nice walks on the corniche, play cards and american domino, tea with haleeb, etc. I wasn't demanding, was I? A simple aspiration of a ordinary person who misconstrue the word 'vacation'. Both A. and myself were a little concerned because of the large group, and the melange of styles that could give us a hard time when it comes to pleasing everyone. Well, I didn't care. I am usually flexible when it comes to 'vacations'. All works for me, whatever the group decides! The only decision I made was to take my car, a chance to work the new engine, and to get some freedom when needed.

My days started far earlier than theirs. I would wake up early, walk to the sea and sat there for an hour. Pass by the market get them fresh bread, yellow cheese and mandarine, foul, ta3meya newspaper and come home. By then they would be ready to go to Z's cabinet in al-Muntazah--a private cabinet she inherited from her grandfather, one of the free-officers--and have brunch ther by the sea. After breakfast, we are off to coffeeshop, el-baron, to drink tea and play domino, and blackgammon. We always had fish for dinner, once we had a little bbq in the cabinet, and the other time we had dinner at farag. The best fish I ever had in years. I ate like crazy. I love fish, shrimps, crabs... anything from the sea. These were the best times, when the group was all mingling together and hiding their differences.

The worst part of the fights, apart from coordination and decision making, was S and H fights. They fought many times. Once because H. didn't want to buy a sweater, and S. wanted to get him one. She was afraid he would catch a cold. 'Let him catch a cold or a flu. why do you care.' I would exclaim! But, no life has to be hard. She had to act like his mother :). Later, he called her stupid and uncreative. She didnt shutup but had to answer back and accuse him of being dumb and negative. Next day, she bought an IQ puzzle books (how stupid is that) and started challenging him. Everytime she solved a correct puzzle she would scream out loud, 'See H. I am not stupid.' hehehehhe Yeah, I would mummble to A., 'yeah right, Idiot.' H. was so funny, he would just sleep in the sun and ignore her. Typical guys attitude.

I know, I might be concentrating with S. more than I should, that is why I see nothing but her mistakes in communication. I think I disrespected her since she started humiliating H. infront of us and infront of me specifically. I more than once told her to never insult him infront of me. I needn't witness this crap. I feel mortified for the guy and from her attitude. My only reaction is to turn my face the other direction, pretend I didn't hear anything. I am not interested in getting involved in this stupidity.

The funniest tension was between A and Z. Both A and myself had an uncle who was a senior officer in this free-officer movement. He didn't stay long enough to reap the benefit of the movement (wealth, cabinet, power). On our way to the cabinet, we would curse our uncle stupidity for not taking a cabinet like this, and the only thing he gained was being sent to exile. I would charge A. with anger aganist the revolution, and the free-officers attitude and watch her. The tension started when A asked Z . sarcastically how did they get this cabinet? hehe , a totally stupid question. Z. immediately answered that this cabinet was a rented one, and they didn't really own it. 'Aha, so if I want to rent a cabinet, who should I talk to?', A. would ask again. Another stupid question. Z. answered, 'actually you rent it from the one who rented it. It is a for- life rent.' I couldn't help but laugh! Total BS. This revolution is a real joke! Not sure why my mom glorifies it. They took her land and money to themselves. This is how I see it. This cabinet could have been my grandfather's! Oh well!

Well, I had fun! Would do it again and again. Maybe exclude S. and H. the next time. The cabinet too. Stick with our insignificant apartment :)

I made a little conclusion: some people dont know how to have fun, and enjoy bickering, as if this is what gives them life. 'Please, take it easy, and try to enjoy. It is not haram'


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two is company, three is a crowd. However, I am ecstatic that your new engine did not disapoint you. The freedom of a new sight, perhaps from a new window, particularly a window that moves tickles the soul.

3/14/2005 07:59:00 pm  
Blogger haal said...

A big group can be fun at times especially on short trips. If a couple fought together, there would be another one to talk to. So you have a variety. Moreso, a group is always nicer around food.

3/14/2005 08:50:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Pyromaniac

Through the forest I walked
Cracking my steps reminded
Of the lack of rain
And so I thought
With so much fuel
What a blaze I could make
But could I escape

Fast of foot I decided
Yes, so I asked one tree
How much is this cabinet?
And then ran to a hill
To watch my handy-work

3/15/2005 08:06:00 pm  

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