1 May 2014

T: 'Who knows maybe the next trip you will come with me to visit these countries.'
S: 'You never know. You might be surprised.'

And he meant it as a sarcasm to the countries he was proposing she will be visiting with him when he takes the new post. And she meant it as a decision that she had already done with herself. She is definitely not going to be joining him. Anywhere. Sounds like she had made her mind and deciding where she will do next. What will happen next. How she will proceed next. All in the next phase. For the now, it will remain stagnant for the time being until the delivery occurs. Before and after that she will remain silent. Maintain her distance. Saluting their break and disconnection that now became part of their daily routine.

What really happened between them was not expected on some level. It could have been blown out of proportion; been initiated as a joke then took a different dramatic direction. Or just a phase. I personally think it is not a phase. It is a real situation that was initiated and got bigger and serious and no one thought to cut through it and heal. The end result is what it is now. Gloomy. Distant. Cold. Sickness. Bitterness. And more important, Boredom.

Boredom I totally understand. And the combination looks scary. But this is what becomes a fact out of this relation. It started well. Moved on limping. Going down silently. And will halt soon. No more Vroom Vroom. Only beep beep. A signal that gets lost in the midst of the endless reminders and requests.


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