30 May 2014


I can't really blame it all on June. Yes, she is a factor but not all the factors. Maybe she helped accelerate the process. To reveal aspects that was hidden and stagnant beneath the surface of the connexion. The location as well did play its turn and unites with June against me.

When June arrived, I was already in a floating state still discovering the depth of the connexion. Although the connexion had promised and had hopes that it would be a strong, astounding one, but a little while into it, it did not really seem as it promised. It was like any other. Had its ups and downs, as well as, its silent moments. I think it was a normal thing to happen, but given what this deal had promised, it was underachieving.

Looking back and looking now, I can surely say that it is not successful. And I am daring myself to say and declare that it will not be. June, although an accelerator to this desitny, but it is what's holding it from falling so quickly.


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