31 May 2014

First attempt

So she finally said it in a semi suffocated irritated tone. A relief to part of the anger she had been feeling for the past year and half. Initially she mumbled with annoyance ' ...you will never move to close this machine.' He must have heard or guessed her saying that. But seriously how ridiculous this while thing is. She's almost collapsing from fatigue and errands; he sitting on the sofa doing nothing, the machines screams but in vain. As if nothing is happening. Why does she have to go turn it off every single time! And now he eats the ice cream and the loakers and leave the empty containers on the kitchen' table! Why?

' I know you don't love me and all but have some mercy....' Indeed, have some freaken mercy. You are always doing this. It's her turn now to tell you: ' you are such a liability...' Worst type of liability actually. A taker by all means.

At least she said it finally. Not sure why is she reluctant to share what she felt. It's not that she's scting wise and hiding her feeling,  but could be an inability of self express herself verbally. Maybe because he will beat her in that as usual so it's a lose battle there.. And it is.

I truly think it's not going to go far. Too much stress that is causing everyone of them to research in his old papers.

For her, it's indeed unbearable. On the brink of despair.


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