31 Oct 2010


Seems like I forgot how to write. I substitute this blog with a random thoughts in my diary book. I now write. Not as elouquently, not as crisp, not as real like I used to do. I now write 'Fake' stuff. Fake not that it is unreal, but I write just to keep the habbit. To preserve the memory. To persuade the emotions to stay, and the feeling to not flee away in despair of its owner that once took care of this place. The west of the soul; the nucleus of the spirit; the ancient of the being. This endless glimse of something that I failed to capture, yet once recognized the existence.

I wish to come back here often. Naturally though. How can it be when most of my time now is captured between the worlds of fake and unreal. There is a difference? I am not sure. I guess I have to discover this little field that lies in between. It is so true that once you forget, you are forgotton. Not by someone, but by your ownself. 'انساهم انفسهم' not sure how this relates. But it does.

WIll connect to the submarine.


Blogger Nag said...

I love that verse "انساهم انفسهم"

11/05/2010 09:42:00 am  

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