28 Aug 2009


So everything is about this P. They wakeup in the morning and a bee hive is at it's peak. All revolve around that. They impress me but much nore than that, inspire me. Make me wonder about where we will be in a decade, and how far away we will be from them.

So they wakeup. Brush teeth and wash face. Get dressed simply but in what I call elegantly. And breakfast. And they do that fast too. Healthy and fast. Cereal. Milk. Juice. Toast. Coffee. All that while reading the papers or working on their computer to see what their plans are for the day. Later, they go up take a shower and get ready.

What I like, and have text my partner about but he turned me off as usual, is that they always seem clean. They smell nice. Look clean. Feel clean. And although we claime to be knowing all the etiquette things, they do eat in an elegant way. It is not about knowing the etiquette, but about this balance thing we lack. This 'self-knowing' attitude. Know who I am. What I want to do. Why I am here. I actually chose to be here. I like that I am here. I have options. I am free. And I SEE where am I heading. It is a culture of certainity and hope. Productive. Practical. Pragmatic. Proud.

I like that. And no wonder when egyptian live there, they initially stand out from their uncertain, selfconscious body language but when they are mature enough, they become used to the assurance and the sense of purpose.


Blogger Nag said...

I totally relate to that.. living here is tough, not in a cool challenging way, but in a very stressing, heart-attack-inducing way.. from the time u wake up, you are faced with a million little things that totally screw up the mood so much so that by the time you get to work you are already depleted of energy..

8/30/2009 10:45:00 am  
Blogger haal said...

ah i forgot, P stands for Planning too.

well, I learnt long ago to plan. Not on the minute level, but a very high level. There are things I choose not to engage in or allow it to enter my system. It is my defense to bypass all the depleting incidents.

Discovered that IGNORING is a brilliant attitude.

9/01/2009 06:29:00 am  

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