24 Aug 2009


I am staying at this universtiy hostel in france. I share a 2 bedroom apartment with couple of people. The normal trend is all the french, american, canadian, south americans...almost everyone drinks!Everyone comes with his huge glass of vodka, wine, beer. For me this is ok. I am not bothered. I am used to that.

But today, while sitting in the living room, there comes an american. And asked me and a nice french couple who were peacefully packing their luggage:
'does anyone of you guys smoke?'
'No.' We all answered.
'Ah ok. I have some cigarettes and I am going back to the US so cant cross the boarders with.'

'Ah really.' I looked naiively. 'Dont they allow u to cross the boarders with cigarettes. This is strange. why do that.?'

'They are marjuana cigarettes.'....turning his palm opened to show me.

Uhm... ok. And my face turned red. I was actually scared!

The french guy looked disturbed and so was I. I looked to the french couple and, after the american left, I said, 'was he really offering us marjuana cigarettes. This is pretty scary. I am glad he is leaving.'


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