22 Aug 2009


So I have not thought about this side of me. This side means, this side that is hostile. Not just hostile, because I am actually generally agressive. I mean politically hostile. I discovered that I cant stand Israili. Not sure what happened. I used to see them all the time when I was in NY. See their dress-code. Their synegague. Even at work. My professor. Everyone. But I was cool with that.

Now it is different. I see them now and I just give them this look. Not that I am politically active or even care. Not that I like Palestinians or sympathize with them. On the contrary. And moreso i am even uneducated politically about this part of history. I know they are assholes who occupied land that doesnot belong to them, and some words about caliming history that still doesnot belong to them (this pyramid stuff). But to be honest, I do not know who is right and who is wrong. And if this land is theirs. I am sure not though. Well, as far as I am concerned, they deserve no land. Expelled. And this is their destiny and their future.

So, what brought all that. I am here with inches away from this israili guy. When we first met his first comment when he knew I was from egypt was, 'hey we are neighbours.' I gave him this look and said, 'yea. just around the corner, pal.' And then, 'why dont you come visit', he would say with a stupid smile. I gave him another stupid smile, not knowing should I play nice and open minded, or be one hot anti-semitics, 'Visit what? Israel? Palestine? It never crossed my mind. Plus it is not safe there.' I realize that I am saying nonesense now. But then I actually felt hot and my blood pressure went up.

The guy, his name is Uwan, was now following me around. Now started to speak as 'us' the middle-easterns, and how 'we' were occupied by the british. I said, 'excuse me. Who was occupied. you? You is who?'. And he literally turned red and the group was silent and said, 'Israil!' I have to count on my history and said, 'Oh yea! and when was that?'. He said, '1935'. I think he made that up. And I said, 'but Khabibi, you did not exist by then. You mean Palestine, right?'. And he mumbled 'yes'.

So anyways, this guy is irritating me. He went to the army for 2 years and now touring around. Just came back from Bolivia and Argentina. Visiting his israili fellows...etc.

But here what got me, was when he started talking about 'Hummus' and how here it did not taste like 'home-made'. I gave him this look and said, 'Home made. I think you should makeup your mind. Are you Israili or Arab, dude.'

So en bref, I dont like him. He asks me silly questions; look into my cell phone; and I have to turn it away from him. Pretty annoying.

On the other side, I think he is carving for acceptance. I can sense the vibe when he says that he is from 'Israel.' He for sure is cheap too. He drank their beer, ate their pasta and uses the word 'Fuck it. Shit' a lot. Not sure what is he trying to prove.

Ah I know. He is a fucken shit.


Anonymous DoupsDoups said...

this post was more clear in understanding of what u feel:))))

u r sweet in ur anger:)

8/22/2009 09:40:00 am  
Anonymous DoupsDoups said...

Germans used to hate Jews,so if u come here u probably will able to connect with some radicals here and to learn from them how they surpress/manage their hate to them,loool. that is probably not of my best jokes,been to nazi place in Weimar and now i read ur not tolerant post,hmmm should i make projections:)))))))))))

have a nice day.Peace!:)

8/22/2009 11:01:00 am  

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