27 Aug 2009


I am home alone. Finally.

Put everything in order. Dimmed the lights. Opened the windows for ventelation. Adjusted my bags and bedroom. Now just sitting on the dining table near the window and browsing. Listening to the washer machine running as it washes my clothes. I like it that way. Quiet. Silent. Alone. Neat. Empty. No excess of anything. Just me and myself. No disturbance.

I have been doing nothing in the past 7 days but walking around. With no plans. I just get the map. Walk. And go from one place to the other. Nothing in particular that I am in a hurry to do or see. It is pretty simple over here. So it is that I walk and have this mini conversations running in my head. That I am not even aware of. In other words, does not even bother me or notice it.

Tomorrow probably will go to the mountains. Will go sit and read. Will see how it is like there up. They say it is beautiful, but they say that about a lot of things that turned out to be nothing in particular. They have a naiive taste to things. Not sure why? Pretty simple culture that almost everything impresses them. Well, we are pretty particular. Yes we lack the nice open spaces they have, but this is not enough to make me go 'amazing'. I will like to have.

Well, wait until I come back to Egypt and I will disown this post. I will be begging for simplicity and any place that I can just sit alone and read. No one disturbing. No intruder curious to annoy me. No noise to blow my eardrums. No pollution to block my lungs.

Oh well. I wish I can stay here forever though.


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