26 Aug 2009

2541 D

It is whenever I land my foot here, I feel attacked. Not me personally. But my religion. As if there is a nature tendency to attack my religion and make fun of it. Suddenly it became the root of all evil, the source of the violence, the promotor of all the ignorance and backwardness.

I met this suppositely smart guy from the netherland who studied islamic history and studies at his universtiy in holland; went to cairo to take an arabic course; attending lyon for a conference; and will be going to Mcgill to do his masters in islamic studies: Islamic philiosophy. We walk togther along saint cathrience street, and the little kid is typical dutch. He checks every single stop light. Double checked the hostel door was working before we left (what were the chances!), kept asking me if i know where i am going. I said, 'No. I sense. If we get lost we can always ask.' Simple.

Anyways, he started mumbling some stuff about islam and its history. OK kiddo. Keep going. Showed interest in the culture and the people. Bravo. I might not dislike you that much although you are so white. And suddenly, how closed minded and backward we are. Excuse me captain. I certainly wont take that. But I did because my husband always accuse me of being 'picking fights even in a friendly exchange.' So... breather. breathe. Diffuse. Ignore.

Later we sat on a greek restaurant to it. AH, this was not easy. We went up and down the restaurants until he picked one. I suppose because it looked the cheapest... but ha ha ha, it was super expensive.

He ordered his salade. Probably because it was the cheepest dish. And I ordered nothing. Because I did not want to eat. Pretended I was fasting too! So, he said:
'Not eating.'
'No, Not really. I ate a lot.
'Ah... or because the meat is not halal. You muslims do that.'

Wait a second. To the drain my husband's comment.

I smiled. Looked to him closely and asked.
'So why do you always assume that Muslims are extremist? You had couple of comments along those lines that I didnt particularly like. Any reason why?'

He turned a bit red and start giving me some answers and arguments that were basically too general to my taste. Argued him a bit, and then decided its is not worth it. NOdded my head and then remained silent the whole way after.

We came to an intersection and I literally said, 'ok boy. see you later.'
'Oh you are not going to come with me to the hostel.'
'No. You go alone I will walk downtown.'
'So you are not coming with me.'
'No. You should be ok. Ask for direction if you get lost.'

And I took my map and left him.

Since then, I see him. I give him this cold fake smile. That is a smile but just that tells him to stay away from me. I am simply not interested anymore.

I talk to my husband to vent. And he pissed me off! :)

The usual practical argument that is so brain oriented. No emotions involved. Amazing guy. For good or for worse!

But I love him anyways.


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