7 Jun 2009


It is interesting. They exist. Survive around. I see them as aliens. Half people. Not sure what is fake and what is real. In between the real and the fake they survive. It makes me wonder about this middle space that exists inbetween that needs to be filled. It makes me wonder what does it take to be the right one at the right time at the right place at the right...right...right.... Obviously, it is none.

Be yourself. And even this is a over-rated. Be what then? Do not really know. Be something but I am not sure what it is that you need to be.

Say the right thing at the right time...etc. Not even sure if this ever work.

Conclusion, self-confidence.....not even that. Then no no. this is not the conclusion.

Real conclusion: Acceptance of self. Accept who you are. What you stand for or even do not stand for. Accept that you are not perfect. Be proud that you are who you are. If you want to play, play on other's self acceptance. Everyone is striving to be accepted. If you want to be a villian, play on that.

But before we are absorbed in not playing games, do one thing: Accept your unique self. Whoever you are, it is you.