29 Apr 2009


She is interesting. To some extent? Yes, to some extent. She pleasant. In general. Can be many things. Can mistake her for a lot of things except for her very strong communication skills. Not the 'sales' type, but the confident type. The good communication skills stems from the very obvious self-confidence. The grounding aspect. The continous reminding of 'who am I.' And for sure, the whole package helps. Who I am, not only self defining, but environment defining. 'Me. My husband. My status. My knowledge. My position.....' All. Who I am stands and will become more solidified with the strengthening of these accumulation aspects. Interesting.

Not a single thread of doubt, I suppose, crosses her mind that shakes this belief and conviction. Not that I am criticizing that, but I am interested in that. Wondering that the continuos self-doubt, over criticizing of self, over evaluation of others all eat from the bandwidth given to support the self!



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