21 Oct 2008


And I kept changing the top and Jackets. From brown safari jacket with big belt. To B&W checked long Jacket. Short brown jacket. I kept changing and changing. I do not feel comfortable. I want to dress elegant but at the same time I can not tolerate any layers. I felt suffocating. Maybe because it was so humid outside. Maybe because the house seemed so confusing. Scattered things here and there. Maybe. I do not really know.

I took all off. Wore a stripped blouse. No ear rings. No perfume. No makeup. No bag. Money and credit card in my pocket. I just put on the blouse, pants, comfortable shoes and rushed outside.

Sometimes I rebel aganist dress code. I hate this concept. To tell me what to wear. TO force me to wear certain style. Why not leave it up to me to dress how I like and feel comfortable. If meeting client, I sure know what to wear but if working in the office that day, why not let me dress the way I feel.

Too many restrictions annoy me. So I discover. 'I am not cut to work in an organization', I exclaimed to him. I sure prefer the least control ever possible. To work alone, that's for sure. To think alone, that's a fact. To not allow any bossing, that's my default.

This job suits me. But I still believe they are doing it in a trivial way. I can easily see ways to improve; flaws in the thinking and approach. To my previous manager's surprise and amusement, I AM a big picture person. I relate things to eachother. I can easily find relation between what can for sure appear as scattered and unrelated. I can do that easy. Find relations. Impacts. Connections. I connect things AND link them together. Close the loop.

In work only! In life.... I scatter things around so that I remain free.


Blogger insomniadouky said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. Rules and regulations are annoying , and not very appealing to most; specially to free thinkers, this is the only way they function best; no regulation, no rules, no limitation.
At my workplace, they are the same. The dress code and the image are so important , may be because the nature of the business but like you said when you are in the office , you are just exposed to your computer, desk , bunch of papers and your colleagues. In clients meeting , we all understand why we should dress up formal, simply coz we are grownups.!!! This is the problem in working for school- like- organization.

People do the non sense coz they fail to find the sense. They lack reason and understanding. They just follow , never gave themselves the chance to lead. If for a moment, your manager thought about the reasons behind you wearing suit for instance in the office , he will find out that it is because this is what people do not coz he have a valid reason , of his own, derived from his own understanding.

Space- most of the time one need his/her space to be able to think, reflect, but unfortunately it is not always the case specially at work. Everyone needs his space but funny enough you need to abide by the universe rules, you are surrounded by people who won’t give you this luxury , home, work, in the street…ect.

My advice …….ADAPT …… and be flexible

11/08/2008 02:45:00 pm  

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