5 Oct 2008


Hard to not remember you when here. Very hard. Not for anything but that you would probably like it. Probably. Although it became very hard for me to visualize how you would react now to these things if you had a chance to see it. Probably silent. But anyways.... Who am I to judge.

All I could do, after days of hesitation, was to send a belated greeting. In respect to the memory of the many conversations and dusted dreams that were torn away and thrown in the little neat garbage that carried similar papers, 'things i like to do' list written on a yellow paper lined with red; calendar paper carrying a smily face... and much more. All deemed trivial when a choice was to be made.

I watched them selling fresh fruits. Tomatoes. Herbs. Walking. Sailing. Enjoying and more importantly living in the the endless simple natural scenes that became part of their lives. Engraved in its nature. Infused in their attitude of love to beauty and simplicity. Allowing the 'Lovers walks' to move freely between the endless olive orchads and vineyards. Indeed 'terre' is beautiful.

On a restaurant. You can not help but allow the scene to captivate your heart and soul. Want to 'take them in your hug'. Looking around in all the faces to share the endless joy of beauty. Deciding at the end to watch this 'david' enjoy cooking for you. A simply marinated steak. Placed in the pumping hot fire. Slicing the potatoes on the simple plate, reflecting the colours of the houses enclosing us. Cut the steak into pieces and delicately placing it on the sliced potatoes. Sprinkle rocket on top of the meat and the potatoes. Wont serve it immediately, but leave the potatoe to soak in the meat juice.

Medium well please!

I would say that my heart is very well done by now.

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