27 Aug 2008


And it ends to be from Starbucks. I am not a big fan of it. But it is downtown and close my apartment. 'Horton' is more for blue collars I think, but Starbucks is for the sophisticated.

So A. goes to work and I go walk downtown. Weather nice and refreshing. Very encouraging. I go there and SB is empty. Perfect. After somewhile it starts to be packed. Not with high shots consultants or CEO who come to work here, but with tourists and some time wasters.

A group of 6 chinese come leave everywhere and sit next to me. Screaming and scroutching Ni Na Haa YEeee. I got literally irritated. Well with the new medicine, I am 'accepting' more so I just smile and concentrate on finializing the document.

Then a group of 3 egyptians, 2 girls and a guy come in. Loud and talking about a collegue of them and laughing. I actually wondered where they work. Must be close. But how come not at work now.

A woman, heavy on brand that starts from the annoying LV bag, sunglasses, jeans, ISL belt, shoes...etc come in with a guy I usesd to know from AUC. He sat next to her and she started to complain about her boss. He glimpsed at me and I just gave a poker face. He was not my favourite anyways, and dont even remember his name.

The fun part is that I managed to finish the document while feeling good and smiling. I was annoyed yet I think I didnt take it in. I just enjoyed seeing the other part of me and let her vent assuring her that it is not worth it and turn everything to a joke. It worked. Thanks to my brother and the new medicine. I am starting to have some major paradigm shifts and brain tricking games.

It works.


Anonymous H said...

The majority go to Starbucks because it makes them feel/look prestigious.
Tim "Hortons is more for blue collars”.. partially yes. But the coffee is really really good.
You have to get used to the “Ni Na Haa Yeeee” , Chinese away outnumber any other ethnic in Tor.

8/28/2008 10:55:00 pm  
Blogger marooned84 said...

It's always amusing to work in cafe. I remember the time when I used to do so, and then I overheard the weirdest conversation ever about guns and bazookas and hiring a small army and invading "el gabal" in Qena, and it was real!

8/30/2008 01:04:00 pm  

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