17 May 2008

Z.W 1

I am glad I took the first step in the postponed project. Glad I did it. It was not so easy to gear myself up and insist, regardless all the illusionary intimadation and hesitation, to start. But I have been preparing for it since a while. Secretly visited Sultan Hassan at night in preparation for it.

Called upon it from the very land of the red indians. And it came with an offer.With sarcasm, and thoughts I examined it, when I finally accepted it. The secret is, I always wanted it. Dearly. I paid its due, a bit late. But I paid.

Its value is not a concern of anyone. It is the ancient secret between me and someone who is amazingly dear to me, finally I believed; forever ignored and put down one time after the other, yet come back so dear again and this time I wont ignore or endure the sad look over a lost bet!

I am never a lost bet. I dare say that. Now.


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