18 May 2008


They say it is a mirage. The refraction of sun rays over the horizon. I remember how I learnt about it. I was a good kid. Read a lot. Witnessed a lot. And silently wished to be shared. None of that happened. And through that I learnt to entertain myself and play.

I still remember driving back in the summer near the 'unknown solider' pyramid where sadat was killed, I hinted, 'watch out there is water'. You without even looking to me said, 'there is no water.' I smiled. I called, 'it is a mirage. Happens when sun rays are broken not reflected.' I waited for a conversation. A continuation of what I plotted to start. But there was silence again.

I guess I was hoping for a conversation back then. But it was refracted. You missed it. And since then, my voice was just diverted somewhere totally else.

And it is too late to hear it again.


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