23 May 2008


When we were young and our soul collide with our desires and culture, we feel stranded far from home. As adults we continue to drive ourselves even farther from the home. If we were never taught to return to the soul-hime in childhood, we repeat the theft and wandering around lost pattern. But, even when it is our own dismal choices that have blown us off course, too far from what we need, hold faith, for within the soul is the homing device. We all can find our way back.

The trick is the bone. Everytime you gear-up, gather all your energies and are ready to takeoff, a bone is thrown. And we fly to catch the bone and eat it,forgetting what we were initially following. Ah, I remember. And oh yes, this is another bone, and another bone and another bone. Until you just forget what you initially wanted or need. THe endless gearup and release drains you and make you at the end submit to the bone giver. And you forget.

We all forget.


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