15 Apr 2008


The phone conversation was annoying. I did not realise how it affected me except shortly after I hanged up. There was nothing serious or real in it. Very fake. Energy was so low. Annoying. And the most real thing about it is it being fake. We only kept going because the other does not like to hangup and I was doing something else while talking. But this is not me! And to fill the air, I kept talking about non-sense. And I got affected by the 'bla bla', 'ya ya' energy, and the low tone. And the dripping confusion and unclarity!



Anonymous Al Sharief said...

Interesting is the the thought of "aged" energy!

Energy is mostley discreat, stored, restored, realized, or wasted, somehow it remains discreat.

I guess you may be refering to a familiar energy that you may not enjoy but seems necessary at times?

tell us more. may be about New Fresh Energy...

4/19/2008 07:55:00 pm  

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