8 Apr 2008


Out of the city. Out of the village. Out of all phone or physical connexions. Cooking utensils were bought. Mountains captured. Dubai's fakeness of shopping and eating and walking were stepped through. Spiritual journeys on all levels are aspired. More and more...

And now we talk about a little neck lace! It is that. Not an ornament. It is a leash. A short one whose beeds will be shattered.... it is only the matter of time. Like how everything else happened. Now it is not to be afforded. Later it will be the only solution and resolution.

Who would have imagined that there will be no village or city to dream of? No one! Who would have imagined that there will be no connexion of any sort? No one.
Who would have imagined that air trips back and forth, with message vibration sound heard of? No one..

All that and more happend.

Turn for the leash to follow. Now not ready. In a while there will be nothing but this readiness.


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