7 Apr 2008


- It is fun here. Better than I expected. It is always good to be away and see something new. Changes how you see things. Life is big. So I always thought.

- When alone it is fun. Night walks in the nice weather. Listen to music. Watch the people. They are from everywhere and this gives it a flavour.

- Walk and walk. Sit and sit. Space out. And it is always good. I am glad I can enjoy my own company otherwise I would have gone crazy.

- When with a company, it is actually really nice too. We both are light. Conscious of the other's space. Silent. Not so loud. Funny with a twist. Can walk for long distance talking and remaining silent. No difference. I am glad I am comfortable else it will be endless planning to escape.

- Expected duration of stay here: 6 Months!

- I have a detective mind and I am annoyingly smart!!


Blogger Lisa Simpson said...

How r u? You are missed. Where are u?


4/14/2008 05:45:00 pm  

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