10 Mar 2008


Coming today, I am thinking. Well, I guess I will just focus on making money. Hope it is soothing enough.

More money to enjoy. To live better. To be free.

I tried many things that i thought would have helped me feel good, but nothing really worked. Lots of disappointments. The only thing that proved important is to be on your own. And money facilitates your path along this way. And I chose that path.

Another today, I came thinking that I will secure enough money to do what I want and work the way I want. From my small house in fayd, or city apartment in zamalek, or small studio in new cairo overlooking new AUC campus.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its was a very hard decision for me to take too, whether to have my own business or work for a big company, i chose the later. I think its stable, less stressing, rather than running ur own business and dealing with all difficulties on ur own, and be responsible for people u have hired and possibly their families.

I wish you good luck with your "something" and success.

Have u seen Schindler's List? a movie? When Schindler was starting his business he said that someone told him that having a good accountant is a must have thing. But you seem to be an accountant yourself, or at least a finance person, so i think u simply need to start earning money :)) U go girl!!!!


3/05/2008 08:14:00 pm  
Blogger haal said...


But I am not starting my own company. What I meant was to direct all my forces to make money, to be my main target and thus.... compromise! :)

3/06/2008 09:53:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dont tell me you try to earn more money in order to compomise? If someone will accept ur compromises for the amount u have on ur bank account, then it doesnt even worth starting all compromise story and EVEN considering.

Compromise should be compromise like in a old books about Compromise :))

Reality is that u do need money if u dont want to compromise and just want to entertain urself, live better, be free.

We all want to compromise at the end, no matter how bitchie we are ;) So i wish you that, before its late.


3/07/2008 06:46:00 pm  

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